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Grammarly Handbook is a free grammar learning website which explains English Grammar rules. Many of us are already quite familiar with Grammarly, the ultimate tool  to check grammar in any text. The website has been very helpful to me every now and then, and I have been a regular user of its free Chrome extension.

Today I found that Grammarly also has an online handbook to learn grammar online. The website does not have any bells and whistles; only knowledge. The interface is plain simple, as you can see in screenshot below:

grammarly handbook

We earlier wrote about 5 websites to learn Grammar online. We did not include Grammarly Handbook in that at that time, but I strongly feel it is one of the best website to learn grammar online.

To make you understand basics of English language, the website has different sections for Grammar, Punctuation, Mechanics, sentence style and sentence clarity. These sections further contain topics which you can learn about. Like, the Grammar sections explains what Adjectives and Adverbs are and their usage. There are other familiar topics like articles, pronouns, interjections, nouns, verbs, etc. These are common topics that we learned in school and we think we know them properly. But you will be surprised when you go through these topics.

Punctuation in a sentence is very important because they can change the meaning of the whole sentence. This is what is explained in the Punctuation section. Mechanics section explains the usage of capitalization, italics, and underlining, etc. The next section on Sentences explains the usage of modifiers, negatives, comparison, qualifiers and quantifiers, etc.

After these, you will find a section on “Improve Your Writing” which lets you know in detail how one can improve their writing skills. This section, like the ones above, is divided into various topics, as can be seen in screenshot below:

grammarly handbook improve writing section

You can gain knowledge on how to plan and write a basic draft, then how to revise and proofread the draft. It also lets you know how to write paragraphs so that they don’t become boring for your readers (which tends to happen if you write long paragraphs). You can also learn about how to research about a topic you are working on, and what kind of document style you need for the same.

The interface of the website is pretty basic and neat. You get what you see, no ads of any kind. On the right side of the website is a section for help, where you can ask Grammar related questions from experts.

If you want to brush up on your English skills or learn new things, then this is a good website to do that. Everything is pretty well explained along with examples in an easy interface. Going through one topic everyday will definitely help you learn something new as well as improve your English overall.

I would recommend my readers to go through Grammarly Handbook website and learn some new Grammar rules.

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