5 Free Websites To Create Sweepstakes Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to create sweepstakes online. You can create free sweepstakes and promote them easily through a free account on these below mentioned portals.

Sweepstakes, if you do not know it’s meaning, are the contests created & promoted by any brand or company online. I am sure you all must have come across such contest, ads on social networking platforms like Facebook, and other websites. These sweepstakes are a good way of promoting a company’s name and attracting the attention of consumers. Obviously, there is something in it for customers as well as they can win a lot of prizes. This article concerns with websites that let you create these sweepstakes., so that you can create one for yourself and promote your name. Let us have a look.

The 5 free websites reviewed in this article are PromoSimple, Gleam, ViralSweep, Rafflecopter, and Strutta. 


Create sweepstakes online

PromoSimple is the first website which I have reviewed in this article to create sweepstakes online. The basic features of the website are free to use, and you can create multiple sweepstakes and save them in your account. You have to create  a free account with the website, the procedure for which is fairly simple.

Once you are inside your account, you will see different tabs that let you perform different functions. You can start by creating a new campaign that you can promote on various social networking websites. You can set the start and end date of the campaign, set other parameters, and start promoting it. You can adjust the content and outlook of your sweepstake in the Promote tab and view all the latest reports in another tab. Reports include details like number of entries, etc. and you can export these reports in CSV format.


Create Sweepstakes online

Gleam is the second website reviewed in this list to create sweepstakes online. This website also requires you to go through a simple registration process. You will have to enter details like your company name, company URL. Through a free account, you will be able to use only some of the features of this website. But, they are good enough to create a nice sweepstake and promote it.

The website allows you to create multiple competitions, and also schedule them for later if you do not want to activate them now. There are some example sweepstakes available for different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+. You can use the format of these example competitions or choose to begin from start. Creating a sweepstake is a lengthy task and you will find all the required information as you move from one step to another. You can monitor all the reports of the active competitions, export these reports, manage your winners, view most active participants, and more. The website also suggests some creative ways of promoting your competition, and sharing it on various social platforms.


create sweepstakes online

ViralSweep is another free online platform to create sweeptakes online. It comes with a beautiful looking interface, and has a one step registration procedure. You can create multiple giveaways through your free account on this website. There are 10 different steps before you can finally hit Done and create your sweepstake to engage new customers.

This website allows you to create some simple sweepstakes and share it with others to promote it. The procedure is much simpler as compared to some other websites. You have to begin by choosing from 4 different kind of giveaways. You can choose to create a full-page, a widget, a pop up, or a lightbox. This option is quite exclusive and interesting. After this you can fill in the basic details, add product images, company logo, add text, rules, and more. Lastly, you can also share your sweepstake on platforms including Instagram, Linkdin, Facebook.


create sweepstakes online

Rafflecopter is the fourth website mentioned in this article. You can create sweepstakes online on this website very easily. I say sweepstakes because the website allows you create more than one sweepstake from one account. Once you are inside your account, there are 3 broad steps to complete.

In the first step, you have to set up your sweepstake by adding info like begin date, end date, ways to enter the contest, and more. In the next step, you can take steps to promote your contest by embedding the provided link to various platforms, create a page on Facebook, and more. You can also set the interface of the sweepstake and choose what to show & hide, in this step. Finally, in the third step, you can monitor all the entries, keep a check on your contest.


create sweepstakes online

Strutta is the last mentioned online platform in this article to create sweepstakes online. As you will see on your dashboard, once you have created a free account, the website provides many options to promote your product. You can choose to create a contest or a sweepstake to promote your product.

The website allows you to choose from different sweepstakes options. You can choose to create a Facebook app, a full-page with a URL, or choose to embed your promotion in a website. After that you can move ahead and choose the theme of your promotion, add all the details, and get done with it. All this is done in a wizard like manner. Your sweepstake is saved in your account and you can promote it according to the option you chose in the first step.

Sweepstakes is one of the best ways of promoting your product. In these days, online promotions are the way of connecting to the audience. And since there is a temptation of winning prizes, people get attracted quite easily. Try these websites and let us know what you think about them.

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