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MultiURL is a free URL shortener website that allows you to combine multiple links together, in one group, and condense them into one short URL. You can then share that shortened URL with others and they can browse all the links that you added, from one URL. The website also allows you to shorten one single URL and share it with your friends. All the groups that you create or single links that you shorten, can be protected by a password. The website also generates interesting statistics. It counts the number of times a particular link was clicked on. It also counts the total number of clicks that your group generated. There are a couple of other features as well but those features have been saved for the paid version.

MultiURL- free URL Shortener-home page

This free  URL shortener website helps you in a lot of manners. You can access multiple links from just one place.

Create An Account And Condense Multiple Links Into One Short URL

To start using this free URL shortener, you have to first register with the website. Once you do that, you can start using the provided features. The Home Tab in your account is that place where you can add links and shorten the URL. You have to create a group in which you can add as many links as you want. There is no limit to it. With every link that you add, you have to type a keyword against it. This keyword helps you in identifying the link you want to open, once the group is created. After adding a link, you can give a name to group, an alias name, and a password. Lastly, you can hit the submit button and the website will do the rest for you. The groups that you create and links that you add in them can both be edited even after submission.

MultiURL- free URL Shortener-add multiple links

After submitting your group, the website generates three different short URL’s that you can share with others. The difference between these three URL’s is of presentation. One URL presents all the links in your group with a toolbar.  One by one, you can view all the pages that you added in the group. The link can be changed from the toolbar present on top.The second URL contains a browsing list.  It contains a list of all the keywords  that you typed against every link while creating the group. You can click on the keyword and visit that link. The third URL is a random URL. You will be guided to any random page added in your group, if you click on that URL.

MultiURL- free URL Shortener-Links tab

The URL’s mentioned above are shown along with the summary and statistics of your group. In the summary you can see all the name, password etc. of your group and edit it if you want to. The statistics show you the number of times a link in the group was clicked. You can see the statistics for every link separately. You can also see the combined total of all the clicks that your group generated.

Shorten Single Link

This free URL shortener website also allows you to shorten a single link. This is done in a separate tab and all the features remain the same for this function. You can protect your URL with a password, give a name to it, edit it if you want etc. You can also see the summary and statistics for your single short URL.

Key Features Of This Free URL Shortener

  • Combine and condense multiple links into one short URL
  • Condense single links into a short URL separately
  • Regular mode and batch mode
  • Edit your groups anytime
  • Protect shortened URL with a password
  • See and edit summary of your group
  • See statistics

Final Verdict

MultiURL is a very useful free URL shortener website. The features are easy to use. The only problem I faced while using my account was that there are a lot of ads all over the place. These ads make things very confusing at times. However, the website does have a feature of blocking these ads but, it has been reserved for the paid version. I just wish that could be made available for everyone.

Try MultiURL here.

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