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MyLists is a free online to-do list tool that enables you to create a to-do list or make a list of the tasks that you are required to do. This excellent to-do list tool has three in-built headings – Todays Tasks, Projects, Things To Do Later. However, you can add unlimited number of new headings by clicking on a small horizontal icon given at the right side of “MyLists”.

I have been an avid to-do list user and have used many to-do list tools. Although there are many to-do list tools found over the web, some of them have too many unnecessary features, while others have some missing features that I particularly wanted or they were too simplistic and really didn’t cut it. This MyLists to-do list system has just the right mix of simplicity and a touch of really funky features.

Lets check out some features that MyLists offers:

  • The Remote: This feature pops your lists out in a smaller window. Place this pop window to a side and see your lists all the time as well as add new items, tick the completed activities off.
  • Copying Lists or Create Templates: This feature is useful if you have a list of recurring tasks. When you hover your mouse over a list you will notice a copy icon appears next to the list name. If you click it you will get a copy of the list.
  • Shifting Between Lists: This feature allows you to drag an item in your currently displayed list onto another list. This will be moved into the “Do Later List”.


MyLists is absolutely for you if you fit the criteria below then this tool could be just what are you looking for:

  • work primarily on a single computer.
  • just want a dead simple to-do list but don’t rely on it.
  • hate creating accounts for everything.
  • need a quick, one-off list, for a simple task.
  • just want a list and no complex features to get in the way.

MyLists: To-Do List is just a simple list and you can use it for creating any type of list such as for shopping list, my bucket list, my life goals list, what to cook for dinner for a week list and many more.

The best part is that you do not need to register your self or create an account in order to get accessed with to-do list. Just head over to the website and start using. Your lists are saved to your local computer as long as your browser supports local storage. At the bottom-right corner of the screen, you can also check if your lists are being saved. If the circle is green, list is saved. If it is red you can still use the system but your lists won’t be saved. However, “Saving” generally happens automatically so you never need to worry about it.

Note: If you are using Internet Explorer (Except for version 8 and newer) then this to-do list system won’t work too well for you. The system works excellently in all other browsers so you upgrade to the latest version of IE or switch to another browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

Did not like? No Worry…you can add any of the various To-Do List Extensions for Chrome or download Desktop To-Do List.

In short, MyLists is simple yet funky to-do list tool that makes you to complete all your pending tasks quickly. Go ahead and try it.

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