Five Websites to watch Viral Videos

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Here’s a list of five websites that let you watch viral videos online, completely free. All of these websites have tons of videos content, and all of it can be streamed online without paying a dime, all from the convenience of your web browser. The videos are segregated into different categories based on their content or subject, called channels. While some websites have channels based on regular genres like Adventure, Comedy, Sports and things like that, others have totally different, and at times, bizarre video channels like WTF, Fails etc. Some of these websites to watch viral videos are entirely focused on video content, whereas others also feature galleries, discussion forums, and stuff like that. You can like and comment these videos, as well as share them with others on popular social networks. Sounds just like what you need to kill some of that free time? Keep reading to find out more.

viral video header

(Note: While some of these websites included in this list host video content themselves, most are just video aggregators that pull up the trending videos from major video sharing and social platforms like YouTube, Facebook etc. Nevertheless, they feature enough goodies to keep you entertained for hours at a stretch.)

1. Viral Video Chart

Update 2022: This website no longer exists now. We recommend you to try some other alternative instead.

First off on the list, Viral Video Chart doesn’t actually host any videos itself. Instead, it tracks the video content being shared all over the web on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc., and generates a constantly updated listing of the viral videos (based on the number of shares, likes, comments etc. on social networks). You can see the Top 20, as well as the Top 100 listing (hence the word Chart) of popular viral video content on Viral Video Chart. The homepage is pretty simple and straightforward, and there’s no need for any sign-ups or accounts. Here’s how it looks like:

vvc homepage

You can also choose whether to include all of Viral Video Chart’s tracked sources (Blogs, Facebook and Twitter) or see the shared and liked videos on any individual type of social sharing platform. Apart from that, you can even select the time frame that you wish to see the viral videos listed from. You can choose from 24 hours, 30 days, 365 days or go all the way to All Time.

vvc info

2. Viral Viral Videos

I know what you’re thinking, but no, I didn’t make a typo in the title. Viral Viral Videos is another pretty awesome website, that focuses so much on viral video content that it has included the damn word twice in its title. Viral Viral Videos is a content aggregator that scours the web continuously to find the videos that have just gone viral, or have the potential to go viral. It’s constantly updated, and features video content from all kinds of categories (Animals, Classic, Commercial, Sports, Weird etc., to name a few). Viral Viral Videos is more like a blog (actually it is a blog), and each of the viral video posted on it also features a brief write-up associated with the content of the video by the website’s editors. Here’s how the homepage looks like:

vvvideos homepage

As illustrated by the above screenshot, the interface is pretty basic and fairly straightforward. There are no sign-ups, accounts or anything of that sort. The header consists of the different categories of videos hosted on the website. You can either click on a category to find the entries (and viral videos) tagged under it, or simply view the latest updated videos. Pretty simple if you ask me.

3. Viral Videos

I’m sure that many of you are thinking, why the hell haven’t I mentioned the grand-daddy of all video sharing platforms, YouTube yet. True, YouTube undoubtedly rules the world of online videos, with practically unlimited video content (and more being added every second) on basically every subject that you can think of, but it doesn’t exactly have an elegant way of sifting through its ginormous video library to see which videos are getting viral.

This is where Viral Videos, the third service in this list comes to the rescue. Viral Videos lists the top videos hosted on YouTube (based on the number of views, likes etc.) in the form of  four individual vertically scrollable lists that keep on getting bigger as you keep scrolling downwards. These four lists feature top YouTube videos  that are viral (or have been viral) for the present day, current week, current month, and all the time. Here’s how the homepage looks like:

viralvideos homepage

As illustrated by the above screenshot, the homepage is a pretty Spartan one. It’s simple and easy to navigate. The left pane consists of standard video categories that you can use to find the videos belonging to a specific category. The right pane features the four vertically scrollable lists that list (forgive the pun!) the top videos based on individual time frames. The header is equally minimal, and just features a search bar.

To watch a video, all you have to do is click on its thumbnail. Once you dot that, the video opens up in its own page, and starts playing. The video page also features some handy information about the video artist, as well as some social sharing buttons.

sample video on viral videos

4. eBaum’s World

eBaum’s World differs quite a bit from the other websites to watch viral videos that have been discussed in the list so far. This is primarily because while all the previous websites are just content aggregators that curate the videos going viral on other video sharing services, eBaum’s World itself hosts viral videos (However, it does have some YouTube hosted videos as well). And not just videos, it’s much more than that. Apart from original videos, you can find image galleries, blogs, jokes, animations and whole lot of cool stuff on eBaum’s World.

It goes without saying that you need to have a free account with the website, since it allows you to upload your own video content as well. Plus there are some other exclusive features that require you to sign up/log in. However, if it’s just viral videos, pictures and stuff that you’re looking for, there’s no need for sign ups. Just find what you’re looking for and start watching. Here’s a screenshot of the homepage:

ebaum homepage

The homepage, as illustrated by the above screenshot is a pretty busy place. It’s filled with content, video thumbnails, galleries and things like that. The header consists of some handy links that help you easily navigate eBaum’s collection. These are:

  • Newest: Find the recently uploaded videos under this category.
  • Popular: This section features the videos that are most popular (based on the number of comments and likes).
  • Categories: If eBaum’s constantly updated stream of new content is too much for you to go through, simply click Categories to make it a little easy to find what you’re looking for. Categories include everything from Funny, Sports, and Adventure to Explosions, WTF, and Fails.

5. Break

The last of the list, Break also lets you upload original video content and thus, requires you to have a free account with the website. Apart from the regular video content, it also features blog posts on social subculture from the website’s staff, funny GIFs, and things like that. The website is quite easy to navigate, with the header bar featuring handy links to popular videos, categorized channels as well as a search bar. Here’s a screenshot:

break homepage

The video content on Break is constantly updated, and can be easily navigated through via Channels, which include categories like Sports, Trailers and Clips, Sports, Pranks and Fails, Heartwarming and more. The website also has different vertical subsections that segregate video content on the basis of parameters like the number of shares, views, current trends etc. Although to upload new content, you need to create and account, but there’s no such requirement if all you need is to watch online. Simply click on any channel to find the videos tagged under it, or search until you find something of your interest, and start streaming. Simple as pie!


All of these viral video websites let you watch unlimited streaming videos at absolutely no cost. While most of them are funny and a good way to kill some free time, some of them also contain a lot of really cool and informative content as well. If your definition of viral videos includes a lot more than just Gangnam Style, do give these websites a look. You’ll be hooked.

Image Courtesy: M Anima via Flickr

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