Download SVG Icon Pack with Custom Gradient for Free

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In this article, I’m reviewing a free website to download SVG icon pack with custom gradient for free.

Gradientify Icons (by Iconshock) is an online platform where you can find hundreds of premade SVG icons. These icons are totally customizable and belong to different categories and industries. With the gradient impact, icons look more appreciable. You can browse all the icons and create your own gradient variation of SVG icons.

The website lets you swap the gradient orientation, and download icons in SVG and PNG formats. If you are looking to download a curated pack of SVG icons, Gradientitfy can be the best choice for you. Let’s know more about how to customize these icons and create your own gradient SVG icon.

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Download SVG Icon Pack with Custom Gradient for Free

Download SVG Icon Pack with Custom Gradient for Free

To download SVG icon pack, you can visit this website called Gradientify Icons. This is a free website by Iconshock that creates icons.

With the Gradientify website, you can browse an amazing pack of gradient SVG icons. On the homepage, you can either click on the See icon or scroll down to view all the icons available on the website.

use gradient palette to customize icons

On the left, you will find a gradient palette using which you can change the gradient color of your SVG icon. As shown above, this is whole setting part to customize your SVG icons.

You can pick any of the gradient colors. Using the slider, you can adjust the brightness and darkness of a color. The Arrow option indicates that you can swap the gradient color orientation as well.

copy the CSS code of gradient color

Whichever color you choose, it gets applied to all the SVG icons appear on your screen. You can also copy the CSS code of gradient colors. This option is located above the color slider as shown in the image above.

Once you are satisfied with the color combinations and customization, you can hit the Download Icons button. You will then find all the gradient SVG icons downloaded on your computer.

The downloaded files get saved in SVG and PNG formats. In the free plan, the website requires attribution and also the icon can be used for personal use only.

In brief

Gradentify Icons is a great website to customize and download the pack of SVG icons. Here, you can browse SVG icons belong to the different categories. Then, you can use the gradient palette to change the colors of SVG icons. You can then download the amazing collection of gradient SVG icons.

Visit the website here.

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