Check your Most used Hashtags, Emoji, Best friends on Twitter

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Life On Twitter is a free website that generates various interesting stats for your Twitter account. For example, it can show your most used hashtags, emoji, best friends on Twitter, most popular tweets, and more. It automatically generates the statistics and presents in front of you.

You won’t be able to export the stats, but still this website is really useful to know what are the most used things and other stats about your Twitter account. Stats are presented in a single webpage and you just need to scroll down the webpage to view the results.

The screenshot below shows stats generated by this website for my Twitter account.

my Twitter stats

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Check Your Most used hashtags, Emoji, Most Popular Tweets and Other Stats for Twitter using This Free Website:

Click on this link and you will be directed to the homepage of this website. To generate the stats, you have to sign in with your Twitter account.

sign in with Twitter

After a few seconds delay, stats will be generated. You can scroll down the webpage to see:

  • Mostly used emoji.
  • Your best friends/followers on Twitter, based on mentions. More the mentions for you by your Twitter follower(s), more the chances that he/she is your best friend. However, this might also not be true.
    best friends
  • Your following ratio, based on the total number of followers and following.
  • Total percentage of tweets on different days of weeks.
    when you tweeted
  • Most used hashtags.
  • Percentage of tweets that contain hashtags.
  • People who influence you. This result is generated based on the content retweeted by you, and
  • Your most popular tweets, based on the total number of retweets and favorites.

most popular tweets


As you can see from the above stats, Life On Twitter is such a fantastic website to know more about your Twitter account. Pretty interesting stats are generated. The only thing is that you can’t share the results on social networks (only most popular tweet can be shared on Twitter and Facebook only) and export the results.

Try Life On Twitter.

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