Make iPhone 5 Spin While Standing and Take Panaromic Video: Cycloramic

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Cycloramic is a cool app. Way too cool, actually. What it does is completely fantastic – it makes your iPhone 5 spin! Yes, it really does. And while doing that, it will capture a panaromic video of surroundings. It does that by using vibrations of iPhone 5.

It is a paid app (99 cents). We normally write about free apps only, but this is such a cool app that I had to write about it. Also, I haven’t tested it myself but the good folks at CNET have, and they are pretty amazed with it too.

Before proceeding further, here is a quick video of the app making iPhone 5 spinning on its heels:

As you can see in the video above, the app is pretty cool and nicely does what it is advertised to do. It works on iPhone 5 only, and does not works on iPhone 4 or 4s. Also, to use the app, you need to place iPhone5 on a flat level surface, preferably polished surface or glass surface, otherwise it might not spin properly. That will also ensure that base of your iPhone 5 is not scratched.

Do note that you will be able to install the app on iPhone 4 or 4S, but they will just marginally spin, if at all. However, developers have said that they are working on some more features that will make the app useful for iPhone 4S as well. I am eagerly awaiting for that.

If you are wondering how this app works, it basically uses iPhone 5’s vibrations in correct frequency. Alongwith that, it uses built-in sensors of iPhone to determine how far has the iPhone rotated. You would have already seen that if you placed your iPhone on a table and it started vibrating; while doing that, it might also start spinning a bit. Cyclomatic enhances that and controls precisely.

And of course, be careful while using the app. When you place it on any surface for spinning, make sure that the surface is big enough that your iPhone 5 does not falls on the floor. Or, you will quickly lose the fun.

So, if you have iPhone 5, then this is one of the must apps to install. Let us know in comments how it worked for you.

Download Cycloramic.

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Works With: iPhone 5
Free/Paid: Paid (99 Cents)

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