5 Free Websites To Play Online Guitar

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to play online guitar. You do not have to bother about buying a guitar as these websites let you experience a virtual guitar for free.

Wanting to play guitar can be an expensive hobby; apart from the learning costs, buying a guitar itself can be quite expensive and difficult. Even the simple acoustic guitar comes at a heavy price, leave alone the electric ones. So, you find a lot of people unable to pursue their talent due to the cost hindrance. But, with the availability of websites available on the Internet these days, the gap left by money between guitars and guitar lovers is beginning to bridge itself. These guitars are available for free and give you a real feel of getting to play a guitar, only your fingers move on keyboard & mouse other than the strings.

The 5 websites reviewed here are Instinct, Virtual Musical Instruments, Adams Guitar, Button Bass, and Guitar Flash.


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The first website to play online guitar is Instinct. This is a cool platform to both learn and play the guitar online. It is basically a community of guitar lovers, who can sign up, take the guitar lessons, pick up a virtual guitar and start playing it. You can also share your recordings with other users and listen to what they have submitted. All you need for this is a free account and a desire to play guitar.

Once you sign up for the free account, there are lessons available on the website that you can learn. You also have to choose between playing a real guitar or a virtual guitar; the virtual guitar can be played through mouse and you can choose between different strings. Once you have played a song, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, and on the website itself. The other users can listen to it. Read the detailed review here.

Virtual Musical Instrument:

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If the first website lets you both learn and play guitar on the same platform, then this platform lets you play multiple musical instruments online for free. Virtual Musical Instruments lets you play online guitar, virtual drums, virtual piano, virtual pan flute and more. You just have to select your instrument from the options available on top and start playing the chosen instrument.

Playing online guitar on this platform is fairly easy as the controls are simple & straightforward to understand. You can swing from one chord to another through your keypad, change strings through keypad, and more. All the controls are shown right below the guitar on your screen. And if this is not enough, the website also has a guitar tuner that you can use to tune your virtual guitar. Check it out from the link above.

Adams Guitar:

play online guitar

The third website to play online guitar is Adams Guitar. It lets you play different guitars using the keyboard, record your compositions and more. The main punch, or the eye-catching feature of this website is the number of different guitars available to play. You can choose between acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and acoustic guitar to play from.

Once you have chosen a guitar, you have to start playing the chosen songs. There is a gallery of songs available on the website that includes Metallica, The Beatles, and a few more. You have to choose a song, play it on the guitar, and listen to it later on. The website records your keystrokes so that you can listen to them later. The challenge is to get the music as similar as the original. So, go ahead and hit the link above.

Button Bass:

play online guitar

The fourth website to play online guitar is Button Bass. This is very much similar to Adams Guitar mentioned above and has got some  similar options available for users of this platform. First of all, you can choose among various options of guitar. All the options are lined up on the top left hand side of your screen. Once you choose the guitar, you have to start with a chosen song that you can record and listen later. There is a keyboard icon on the top right corner of the guitar and you can use it to enable keyboard controls. The power keys are also mentioned on the page just below the guitar. With all this help you can learn the controls quickly and adapt accordingly. The icons to record, listen are given on the lower part of the page and you can hit them to start the desired action. Thus, Button Bass is a simple platform with multiple guitars to try your hands at. Try it out from above.

Guitar Flash:

play online guitar

The final website to play online guitar, Guitar Flash is a little different from some of the other platforms mentioned above. It is mainly a game website that lets you play different songs on guitar by playing games. There are multiple songs available in the gallery of this website; all these songs are like different games that you can play. You can pick any one of these songs and then hit the right notes at the right time. As the music keeps playing in the background, there are animated notes coming at you all the time. There are some designated keys that you have to press to hit the note perfectly. For every correct note that you hit, you get some points. Based on your final score, your standings are determined. You can then move on, choose some other song, and start playing it. To make the game more interesting, there are different difficulty levels to choose. Check it out from above.

So, go ahead and try out all these above mentioned website to play guitar online for free. Do not forget to come back and share your thoughts with us.

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