5 Free Websites to Help Quit Drinking

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to help quit drinking. Drinking can be considered as normal but only if it’s done in a limit or only on special occasions like birthday or at some party. But it can prove to be a big problem once it becomes an addiction. It not only becomes really hard to quit, but it also starts affecting your lifestyle and your body.

To help you quit drinking, I’ve compiled this list of 5 websites which deal with making people quit drinking. All of these websites are free to use and they have their own ways of making you quit drinking. These websites include motivating articles, videos, photos, etc.. which boosts your confidence that you can quit drinking. So, let’s get started with each of them one by one.

1. Give Up Drinking:

Give Up Drinking

The first website, I would like to start with the website Give Up Drinking. This website includes 50 ways to help you quit drinking. All these ways are divided into 5 sections with each section including a group of ways dedicated to a specific goal. These goals are: Admitting and addressing the problem (1-9), Getting ready to change (10-15), How to cut out alcohol (16-28), Cutting down (29-35), and Think positively (36-50).

Clicking on any goal will take you to the page where you can check the ways included under it. From here, you can read what you have to do and how to do. Besides this, the website has resources, links & further reading, and extra info page which you can visit to know more about quitting drinking. It also has a Questionnaire section where you can ask for Individually Analyzed Assessment of your drinking habits which is worth £35.

2. Drink Aware:

Drink Aware

The second website in the list is Drink Aware which includes lots of information regarding drinking, its bad effects, and quitting it. In short, as the name suggests, this website makes you aware about drinking. It has different sections like Check the facts, Understand your drinking, make a change, etc.. It also has dedicated sections for How alcohol affects me, Am I drinking too much, and Help me cut down.

The other things which make this web site worth visiting are Unit & Calorie Calculator and interesting facts. You need to click on each of the section to read it.

3. HowToStopDrinking:


The third website in the list is HowToStopDrinking. It claims to provide the exact same benefit which is offered by expensive 12-step treatment centers. The website has divided the process of quitting drinking over 7 parts. These 7 parts are: Overview, My History of Idiocy, The 12-Step Approach, The Power of Thoughts, The Power of Self-Image, Destroying Your Desire to Drink, and Moving On- Final Thoughts. It provides the complete process in three ways: HTML version (website itself), Amazon Kindle version, and PDF version.

The HTML version is free to use while the Kindle and PDF versions are paid but they do come with bonus 1-hour guide to successful thinking which includes transcript, audio, and workbook. You can choose to follow any method as the content is same in all three formats except for the difference of being paid and the bonus.

4. Rethinking Drinking:

Rethinking Drinking

The second last website in the list is the Rethinking Drinking. This website is a part of National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, USA (NIAAA). It includes various informative resources, articles, etc. It also has an option to check whether your drinking pattern is risky although the pattern is compared with those of the U.S. citizens.  All main things come under following 3 parts: How much is too much, Thinking about change, and Resources.

It also has different calculators like Cocktail content calculator, is your “lite” beer light in alcohol, how many “drinks” are in a bottle of wine. The website also includes a symptoms checker to get an idea if you are becoming alcoholic or not.

5. Stop Drinking Alcohol:

Stop Drinking Alcohol

The last website in the list is Stop Drinking Alcohol. It is more like of a blog where you will find different blog posts, tips, and methods to quit drinking. All the posts and content of the website is motivating and will make you think over quitting drinking. It also has Alcoholism Quiz and Alcoholism Videos section.

The Alcoholism Quiz will help you discover how much alcoholic are you while the Alcoholism Videos includes videos which will motivate you to quit drinking.

With this, it’s time to wrap up this list of 5 free websites to help quit drinking. Give them a try and feel free to spread with others so that they can also take benefit. If you know about more such good websites then you can share them with me via comments section below.

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