4 Free SVG To PDF Converter Software

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Here are 4 free SVG to PDF converter software. When you need to convert Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file to PDF document directly from PC, these free SVG to PDF converters will come in handy. Each SVG to PDF converter software is very simple and has some really good features. For example, you can view SVG files, convert SVG to PNG, JPG, PSD, BMP, etc., edit images, and more.

While there are many online SVG to PDF converters also available, if you prefer software over online tools, then these free SVG to PDF converter software will come in handy.

Let’s check these free SVG to PDF converter software one by one.


GIMP interface

GIMP is a very popular open source image viewer and editor software. Apart from SVG to PDF conversion, one of its unique features is it also lets you create panorama. It supports many common and popular image formats like SVG, PNG, JPG, AutoDesk FLIC animation, PSD, GIF, ICO, TIFF, etc. Converting a SVG document to PDF is also very easy using this software. You can also open multiple SVG documents using this software. For each input SVG file, a separate window is opened where you can edit the SVG image and save the output. You will be able to convert only one SVG file to PDF at a time but opening multiple SVG files is a nice feature.

Apart from SVG to PDF conversion, you can also use it as SVG to PSD, PS, TIFF, ICO, JPG, PNG, and other format converter. This is simply a handy SVG viewer, SVG editor, and SVG to PDF converter software.

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Inkscape- interface

Inkscape has features similar to GIMP. It also helps to view a lot of image formats, including SVG files, and convert them to PDF files. You can open multiple SVG or other files using this software and can convert one SVG to PDF file at a time. There are many other tools like ruler, rectangle, spray, text, eraser, etc., to edit the SVG document and then save it in the SVG format or PDF format.

Using this software is also very easy because of its user-friendly interface. If you already use this image editor, then you probably don’t need any explanation. Overall, I can say this is an advanced image viewer and editor software that also supports SVG files and SVG to PDF conversion feature.

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Convert SVG To PDF Using Google Chrome

convert svg to pdf using chrome browser

It might surprise you, but yes, Google Chrome comes with SVG to PDF conversion feature. In fact, it also lets you view SVG files stored on your PC.

Converting a SVG to PDF file is very easy using Chrome browser. Simply right-click on a SVG file and select open with Google Chrome option. The SVG file will open in a new tab in Chrome browser. After that, you need to press the print command (“Ctrl+P“). In the Print window, select Destination to “Save as PDF” and then click on Save button. A window will open using which you can save SVG file as PDF file to your PC.

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DrawPad- interface

DrawPad is one of my favorite software to view and edit SVG files. There are so many tools to edit SVG file. For example, you can use pencil, eraser to remove some lines or object, brush, marker, add image, etc., to SVG file and then save it as PDF file. Even if you don’t want to edit SVG file, you can simply save it as PDF file.

Apart from SVG to PDF converter, you can use it as SVG to PNG, EPS, ICO, etc., converter software. Some other features like curved text, drop shadow, insert preset clipart image, etc., make it a very helpful image viewer and editor software. If you want to use it as an SVG image viewer, editor, and converter software, then this is surely a good choice.

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The Conclusion:

If your need is to convert SVG to PDF file only, then I will recommend you to try Google Chrome browser from this entire list. Otherwise, the rest of the image viewer and editor software are simply awesome to view SVG file, edit it, and then save it to PDF format. Try these free SVG to PDF converter software and share your experience with me.

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