Free Software To Get Mac look in Windows

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Here are 6 free software to get Mac look in Windows. Mac is one of the most popular and PC friendly operating system available and it comes with a super cool interface which makes me crazy for this OS. Now, here we have these software to get Mac look in Windows like never before. With the help of these software you can change the taskbar of Windows and make it look like taskbar in Mac OS. Some of these software even allows you to completely change your desktop interface by applying themes of Mac OS.


LiteStep is a free software to change looks of Windows desktop and get Mac look in Windows. This free software is one of the easiest way to transform your Windows desktop. You can easily install this software, and choose the theme that suits your interest from several available themes. There are several themes available, so for transforming your Windows desktop to Mac, you need to simply select a Mac theme in order to get Mac look in Windows. You would get a complete feel of Mac in your Windows OS.

Read more about LiteStep or make a try here.

Zorin OS

zorian OS

Zorin OS is a free and straight-forward Linux Distro which changes your desktop in such a way that you get Mac look in Windows. With the help of this free software, you can even make Your Windows desktop look and act like Window 7, XP, Vista, 2000 or Linux. This tool is an ultimate solution for all Windows users, who are willing to transform their Windows desktop to look similar to that of Mac OS interface. Download Zorin OS for free.

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Snow Transformation Pack

Snow Transformation Pack is a free transformation pack which transforms your Windows desktop in order to get Mac look in Windows. This transformation pack basically replaces your Windows system files and install icons, login screens, screensavers, sounds, wallpapers etc. This transformation pack even changes the taskbar position, so you would get a complete Mac OS like taskbar on your Windows desktop. This free transformation pack works with Windows 7 and Vista and does not affect the functionality on your Windows OS.

Click here to read more and download Snow transformation pack.


ObjectDock is a free software to get Mac look in Windows by adding Mac like taskbar to your Windows desktop. This Mac like taskbar basically display all the currently running programs in the form of normal icons as well as quick launch icons. When you place the mouse cursor over an icon, it gets magnified and shows all the relevant information of a particular icon. You can even change the background and appearance of the icons. Download ObjectDock for free.

Read more about ObjectDock or make a try here.


RocketDock is a free software which adds a Mac style toolbar to your Windows OS. You can either make it visible all the time or use auto-hide option which hides this toolbar automatically. This toolbar gives a complete feel of Mac toolbar on your Windows PC. You can even change or customize the position of toolbar, as you can place the toolbar at the top, bottom, left or right side of the desktop screen. Download RocketDock for free.

Read more about RocketDock or simply try it out here.

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CircleDock is another free software by which you can get Mac look in Windows. This software basically adds a stylish Mac toolbar to Windows. Unlike other software that add horizontal toolbar, it adds a circular toolbar to Windows. You can even drag and drop files, folders and shortcuts onto the circular toolbar. This circular toolbar also allows you to reorder the items in the circular toolbar by dragging and dropping them onto each other. Download CircleDock for free.

Read more about CircleDock or try it out here.

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