5 Free Bulk Domain Availability Checker Websites

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Here are 5 free bulk domain name availability checker websites. These websites will let you search for a list of domain names for their availability. You can specify a list of domains in these websites and they will tell which ones are available and which one are taken. Not only this, if a domain is available, then you will be able to see its price on these websites. Some of these websites can also show you the domain price from multiple domain seller websites like GoDaddy. Checking domain availability on these websites is very simple and you don’t even have to create an account to use the domain checker tool of these websites. And while specifying the domain, you can either specify¬†TLD along with it or you can choose multiple TLDs from a list explicitly.

If you want to set up your website, then definitely you will need a domain name. You will have a lot of ideas in your mind about that but the problem is that a lot of websites only allow you to check domain name one at a time. And if you have a long list of domains, say 100, then checking them one by one will take a lot of time. And that’s where these websites come in handy. You just have to specify the list of domains you want to check for availability. And these will show you the corresponding availability result in a few seconds.

Free Bulk Domain Availability Checker Websites

5 Free Bulk Domain Availability Checker Websites:


GoDaddy bulk domain availability checkers

GoDaddy is probably the most popular domain registrar and web hosting website. And it is the most suited option for you if you are thinking to open a website. There is a domain checker tool on this website that you can use to check the availability of specific or a list of domains. You just have to specify the domain ideas and select corresponding TLDs like .com, .org, .net, .mobi, etc., and then search for that. It will tell you which domains from your list are available. After getting the availability result, you can proceed further for the registration.

Using the bulk domain availability checker of GoDaddy is pretty easy. Just access the webpage of domain availability checker and you will be presented with its interface. You can define the list of domain ideas there and then check the TLD options for that. You can enter domain names up to 500 and it will check them all in one go. Finally, when it has analyzed the domains listed by you, you can decide which one you want and take further registration steps accordingly.


bulk domain checker by name bright

NameBright is another domain registrar website which you can use to check availability of domains. Here you can check up to 5000 domains for their availability. And this is a simple domain availability checker tool. You just have to specify full domain name (with TLD) and then it will show you which domains are available. Luckily, if you find a desired domain available, then you can register that using this website itself. And the best part is that you can download the domain availability result on your PC as a CSV, Excel or an XML file.

To bulk check domain names using this website is fairly simple, all you have to do is reach its main page. And just like the websites above, you don’t have to go through a registration to use this service. Just specify the list of domain names in the box that appears. After that, hit the “Search” button and then it will start looking for the availability of those domains. It will take a few seconds to process the result and when it has finished, it will show you the domains which are available and which are not in two separate sections.

domain hole

domain hole bulk doamin availability checker

domain hole is a free website to bulk check domain availability. However, this website is not a domain registrar website. After looking for the domain availability, it will show you options to buy domains on popular domain seller websites like GoDaddy, Dotster, NameCheap, Name.com, Network solutions, etc. You can give it a list of names that you want to check for the availability and it will process a report for you in a few seconds. However, you can not download the report as a file here. This website can only show you the availability status. Apart from this, you can use other tools by the website like domain name spinner, domain name generator, brain stormer, etc.

Just like other websites, you don’t need to register here for an account to check domain availability. But you will have to create an account for other tools on this website. So, go to the domain availability checker tool using the above link and specify the list of domains you want to check. Next, check the domain options and hit “Check Availability!”. Finally, it will fetch you a report that you can analyze. Also, this will show you the options to register the available domain.


name com bulk domain availability checker

Name.com is yet another domain registrar website which comes with a free bulk domain availability checker tool. You can use that to see if a domain is available in a very short amount of time. It takes a list of domains and check the availability and show you the price for the available ones. And you can also see the annual renewal prices as well. The final report that it generates can be exported to a CSV file on your PC.

You can use this website in the same way as I have explained it for the above websites. Just go to the homepage of domain checker tool and enter the domains you want to check for availability. After specifying the list of domains, you can start the check. In the availability result, it will show you the domains which are available and which are not. And if you want, you can download the result to a CSV file.


bulk domain checker by dynadot

dynadot is the last website in my list that offers a free domain search to find out availability of domains in bulk. The domain availability checker of this website is quite advanced as it works in two different ways. This website is actually domain registrar and also provide web hosting like GoDaddy. You can check whether a domain is available, and if it is, then you can buy that with the help of this website. However, it doesn’t allow you to download the final result as a file on your PC.

The domain availability checker on this website is free to use and you can access it using the URL above. After getting to the domain search tool, you can enter the set of domain names you want to check for availability. And you can do that in two ways. You can either specify the domain names along with the TLD and get the availability result. Or, you can just specify the domain and the select predefined TLDs from a list and the tool will make a combination of domain names and eventually show you the availability result. You can then do whatever you want.

Final Thoughts:

These are some of the best free bulk domain availability checker websites that I have found. You can easily generate domain availability check data using any of these websites in just a few minutes. All you have to do is just enter the desired domain names with or without TLD and get the availability result. Some of these websites also allow you to export the availability to a file. Personally, I will recommend GoDaddy, dyandot, and NameBright as some good bulk domain availability checker tools. But you can also try others and do let me know which ones you like.

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