Find Best Places to Scuba Dive with These Dive Map Websites

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Here are 5 free dive map websites to find best places to scuba dive. You can use these websites to easily search for scuba dive spots all around the world. Doing so, you will be able to choose the location where you would like to go diving. All these websites show the dive sites on an interactive map such that you can explore them to see important information about the sites. You can see various information like the maximum depth, photos, entry type, sea creatures & fishes available, visibility, and much more.

To be honest, these websites are very impressive and can show dive spots from almost all the countries and popular regions. The best part is that you can sign up for a free account on these websites and then log your dives as well as track them with ease. Not just that, they also let you add your own dive sites to the database and make them available for others to find.

best places to scuba dive

There are people who like to go for biking, scuba dive, or simple vacations during their free time or weekends. So, if you’re one of those who like diving, then these websites can help you find the perfect destinations for scuba diving. is probably one of the best free websites to find places to scuba dive. It offers an interactive map on which you will be able to search and see dive sites from all around the world. You can simply open this website, enter the location at the top, and it will automatically display all the places available around that location for diving. For each scuba dive site, you can see the species available, the total number of dives taken, comments, ratings, photos, etc. All these details are actually added by people who actually went diving to these scuba dive sites.

Apart from finding places to scuba dive, it also lets you add dive sites manually. To do that, all you gotta do is enter some details like rating, date, public comments, pictures, dive technical details, etc. You can also log the dive sites to your account such that you can keep track of your dives, images, favorites, comments, etc.


ScubaEarth is another useful website which can help you easily find places for scuba dive. It lets you search for any location you want all over the world and see the diving spots. For this, all you gotta do is visit the website, enter the location where you want to find scuba dive sites, and then it will automatically show you the places on an interactive map. After finding places, you can browse them to see important details including dive characteristics, photos, dive shops, recent dives, and so on.

This website also comes with the option to manually add scuba dive sites. To add a site, simply click on the “Add a Dive Site” button and then it will ask you some information such as dive site characteristics (like maximum depth, dive entry type, salinity, etc.), media files (photos and videos), weather information, etc. Using this website, you can also log your dives and keep track of them seamlessly by creating a free account.


SpotMyDive is also one of the best free websites that can be used to find awesome places for scuba dive. This website also comes with an interactive map where it will show the diving sites you search for. You can simply open this website, choose a country/region, dive type (among Cave and Wrecks), and fishes found (like Manta Ray, Whale Shark, Dolphin, etc.). As soon as you do that, this website will process its database and show you the dive spots based on your selection. You can click on any of the sites to see details like the best time to go diving, maximum depth, current, visibility, fishes and sea creatures which can be seen, photos, etc.

It also lets you write reviews, log scuba dives, save to wishlist, and more. This website can also be used to create and add your own dive sites. For this, all you gotta do is enter a few information about the site like dive type, location, length of the best period, maximum depth, etc.


DiveBuddy can also be used to find some of the best places to scuba dive in the world. After opening this website, go to the Scuba Earth tab and there you will be able to search for scuba dive sites. You can simply enter the name of the location and hit Enter. As soon as you do that, it will automatically find and display all the available sites around that particular location on the interactive map. You can then explore the sites and see information like maximum depth, average visibility, entry type, bottom composition, etc. This website also comes with additional options to find dive buddies, dive events, dive center, and more.

Apart from finding best places to scuba dive, you can also add your own dive sites to the website’s database. For that, you would need to enter the dive name, location, depth information, visibility, upload photos, etc. This website also allows you to log dives and track them with ease on the member control panel.


WannaDive is also a free website that allows you to easily search and find places to dive. It can show you places from all around the world where you can scuba dive. You can open this website and the search for dive sites based on continent, country, or even specific locations. It automatically searches for the diving spots and shows them to you on a map. The map is interactive which means you can click on the dive sites and explore them to see details like access route, dive type, dive site activities, average/maximum depth, visibility, site quality, photos, and much more.

You can also sign up to the website for logging your dives and tracking them. This one also lets you add your own dive trips. To do that, you can simply select the “Add Dive Trips” option and then enter the dive details, photos, etc.

Closing Words:

So, if you have been planning a scuba dive but couldn’t figure out where to go or which scuba dive site is the best, then start using any of these websites to find the best places to scuba dive. Personally, I like all these websites as they don’t restrict you to a specific location and shows diving spots from all around the world.

Try these websites and if you do go for a dive, then do share your experience with me in the comments.

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