5 Free Websites to Find Vacations on your Budget

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Here are 5 free websites to find vacations based on your budget. You can use these websites to discover the best destinations for your vacation. If you’re planning a vacation but worried about your budget, then these websites can be a life savior. They can help you find the destinations that suit your budget. That means you will be able to set a budget and then search for destinations which you can visit with that budget. The destinations shown on these websites will have the expense either equal to the amount you have entered or below that.

They automatically calculate different factors including flight fares and accommodation to show you the perfect vacation spot. You can explore the destinations and see photos, read details, etc. Most of these websites also allow you to directly book vacations without even leaving the website. So, get your things packed and use any of these websites to plan your vacation and travel to great places under the budget.

Now, let us check out the websites.


Wander is probably one of the best websites to find vacations based on the budget. You can simply set any budget you want and then it will search for the destinations which you can visit under that budget. It will show you vacation spots from across the world. The price shown on the destinations will include both the flight fare and hotel expense. It also allows you to book vacations just by exploring the destinations and then choose the flight and hotel of your choice. Apart from finding vacation by budget, this one also allows you to do that by destinations.

To get started, simply visit the homepage of Wander and select the “By Budget” option. After that, you will be asked to enter your departing airport, the number of passengers, departure & return dates, and then the budget. Once you do that, hit the “Find your Trip” button. Now, it will automatically start searching for destinations under the budget you have specified. You can then explore any of the destinations to see the flights and hotels details and then book anyone you like directly from the website.


Jauntaroo is also a free vacation finder website that can help you easily search for destinations that fit your budget. You can define a budget for your vacation on this website, and then it will search for the places where you can go with that budget. It separately shows the estimation of how much it will cost you for airfare and hotel for each destination. Apart from letting you manually choose the budget, it also lets you select other parameters of a vacation like a vibe, activities, weather, and more before you search for destinations.

After opening the website, you will see the option to search for vacations on the left. You can first enter the departure airport and then choose other options like the vibe, activities, etc. then finally set the budget by dragging the price slider. As soon as you do that, simply click on the “Find Matches” button. Now, it will use the budget and other information and find the places that are suitable. You can explore each location to see what the place is known for, description, to-do, etc. It also provides the option to book the trip from the website directly.

Budget Your Trip:

Budget Your Trip is also a free and simple website that can help you find great destinations for your vacation under the budget. You can easily set the budget and then search for places which you can visit all around the world. It shows the expense for each trip, trip details, itinerary, dates & availability, and more. In addition to budget based vacation, you can also search by location, trip length, age range, etc. This website is very simple to use and you can find your dream vacations in no time without exceeding your budget.

When you visit the website, the first thing you need to click on the “Tour Search” tab. After that, you will see various attributes on the left panel for searching trips like price, location, trip length, etc. Now, select the “Price” option and then enter your vacation budget. Once done, hit the “Update” button at the bottom and then it will display all the trips which you can take with the budget specified by you. You can explore each trip to read about it, see photo galleries, view inclusions, and more. Clicking on each trip will take you to a new page where you can also book it instantly.


WhereFor is another free website which can be used for finding vacations depending on the budget you specify. It will search and display destinations from all the world where you can go keeping your budget in mind. Apart from the locations, you will also be able to see the cheapest flight cost, hotel expense, round trip cost, and more. The best thing this website offers is that you can book trips directly after browsing dozens of flights and hotel deals. Using this website is very easy and you can find great places for traveling for sure.

When you open this website, you will see the option to enter your budget under the “Hotel & Flight Budget” field. After that, select the number of travelers, start & end date of the trip, and the departing airport. When you’re done with entering these details, simply hit the “Search Destination” button. As soon as you do that, it will use the details and search for destinations all around the world which you can visit. You can explore the destinations, check for cheapest flights & hotels, and also book those on the website.

Money’s Interactive Map:

Money’s Interactive Map is another free online application which allows you to find trips for your budget. It lets you find vacations on different budget categories which are denoted by the dollar symbol like “$”, “$$”, “$$$”, etc. It can find domestic as well as international destinations where you can visit with the budget you define. The cost will include taxi ride, meals, and hotel stay. Unlike other websites explained in this post, this one doesn’t have any option to book vacations. That means it can only provide information on where to visit and how much it will cost you.

Once you open the homepage, simply scroll down to the “Vacation Cost Finder” section. After that, you will see the budget categories from which you can choose anyone you want. The price range of the categories are: “$=$0 – $149 per day”, “$$=$150-$199 per day, “$$$=$200 – $249 per day”, and “$$$$=$250+”. As soon as you do that, it will display all the locations where you can visit by dropping a pin on the map. You can select any location you want to see the estimated cost per day. You can also manually search for a domestic or international destination, and also via other parameters like a beach, adventure, etc.

Closing Words:

So, if you have been looking for ways to find perfect vacations based on your budget, then using any of these websites is probably the best choice for you. They make it very simple for you to find destinations all across the world without worrying about exceeding your budget limit. Personally, I like all these websites as they come with an intuitive interface and can help you find great places in no time.

Try them out before you plan your vacation.

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