5 Free Android Download Manager Apps

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Here, are 5 free Android download manager apps. Download Manager helps you to download files and manage them in an easier way. It makes your download faster as compared to the default download manager of your browser. Apart from that, it can also resume broken downloads.

Google Play Store has multiple Android download manager apps to manage your download on your smart phone. We will discuss about popular download manager apps which include Download Manager, Super Download Lite, Loader Droid Download Manager, and more.

Download Manager:

Download Manager is a free Android app to download files on Android. This Android download manager app is one of the most popular download manager app in Google Play Store which lets you download any file in an easier and faster way on your Android phone. The app is simple to manage. To download a file from internet or say from your Android browser, you just have to share the download link with the app and you are all set. The download starts automatically. The other way to download a file is to copy the link from your web browser and then paste the link in the app manually to start the download. It saves your time by making download faster. On top of it, you can also manage files and folders on your Android phone by selecting the target folder on SD card to download. You can check out the full review by us on this Download manager app for Android.

Super Download Lite:

Super Download Lite is another easy to use Download manager app for Android. As this Android Super Download Lite app is newly introduced, hence it is not a very popular app in Google Play Store. This Android download manager app allows you to download files from both Wi-Fi and mobile data network simultaneously. This inherently improves the download speed more than the default download manager of your Android browser. To start the download, you can share the download link via Super Download Lite or you can copy and paste the link in the app to start the downloads. The app tells you the complete details of download which include file name, progress rate, time to download the file, threads, and the download speed. We earlier have also reviewed about Super Download Lite app for Android.

Turbo Download Manager:

Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager is a another Android download manager app to make download management easier and faster on Android. The app uses multiple HTTP connections to accelerate download speed. To increase download speed you can increase maximum connections per download. Also, modify the buffer size from the settings menu of the app in order to modify the download speed on your Android phone. Like other smart download managers, this Android download manager app also provides the functionality to resume the interrupted download. There are some web servers which does not support multiple connections. For those servers, you can use 1 connection per download or normal download mode in the app. When you long press on the download link and select to share the link, there you can select whether you want to download using Turbo or normal download mode.

Advanced Download Manager:

Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager is a free Android download manager app that lets you download files in three different parts. This Android download manager app divides the download of files in three different parts and each part provides certain set download speed. You can easily choose the maximum download speed for each part. Downloading a file in three parts accelerates the overall download which makes your downloads easier and faster. On top of it, you can resume the interrupted download. The app works only on Wi-Fi network. You can start/stop the download only on Wi-Fi network. All the video files will be saved and displayed in the video section, image files in image section, and audio files in audio section of the app. You can even select the download links and add them to the app to download it later at  any point of time.

Loader Droid Download Manager:

Loader Droid

Loader Droid Download Manager is a free Android app to download images, videos, music, apps, and more from your Android browser. This Android download manager app makes it easy for you to share the download link of anything and start the download via Loader Droid at a faster rate. Like Advanced Download Manager app, this app also divides the download into 3 threads. For most of the server, the downloading speed becomes fast when you download any file by dividing it into 3 threads. This is because each thread receives a constant download speed which accelerates the overall download speed. Also, all the downloads are resumable. You can easily resume the interrupted or paused download. The app supports only Wi-Fi, only mobile data, and Wi-Fi and mobile data network.

If you download lot of files on your Android phone, then it is helpful to have one of these free download managers installed. If you find some other nice Android download manager apps, then do let us know in comments below.

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