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500px is a free Windows 8 photo app. This is the official app of 500px, which is an internet based online photo community, where people posts the photos taken by them, find inspiration for photography, and connect with each other. There are many Windows 8 photo apps available out there, just for viewing the 500px photos. But this is the official app of 500px for Widows 8, so this app does offer a lot many features and functionalities that other client apps don’t.

Using this Windows 8 photo app, you can browse photographer profiles and follow them, browse photos, comment on photos, like them, and add them to favorites; the list goes on and you can do lot more!

500px - main screen

This is one of the lightest app available in the Photos Category in Windows Store, so downloading it won’t be an issue. You can use the Windows 8 Search charm (Win + Q) to locate the app in Windows Store. Also there’s a download link given at the end of this article.

Using this Windows 8 photo app to access 500px:

500px app is made for those who love photography, and always think of photos. This Windows 8 photo app, brings down all the inspiring photo from the 500px website, right into your Windows 8 OS supported devices. There is a huge database of quality photos, taken by both amateur, and expert photographers from around the world. The photos are amazing and does inspire everyone for photography. This free Windows 8 app is an app just made for photos, and you’ll realize this, the moment you launch the app and get the Main Screen.

500px - categories

This screen contains two categories: Popular and Editor’s Choice. Each containing there respective photos. Popular are the ones which are most liked by the 500px users. Editor’s Choice are the ones that are handpicked by the editors. Besides these two you’ll also see a full screen view of TODAY’S POPULAR PHOTO, which is the popular most photo of the day. The app sure does have a beautiful user interface. The whole screen is nicely covered by big thumbnail size tiled images. This makes the app look good. I also like the fact that the app’s background is in black color, which makes it easy to focus only on images, and hence makes the photos come out.

500px - viewing photo

Click on any of the category to open that category’s page, which consists of photos related to only that category, and click on a photo to open it in a fullscreen mode. I love viewing the amazing 500px photos in full screen mode. In case, if you want to just lay back and watch a slideshow of the photos belonging to a category, then you can do that by right clicking on this screen, and click on Slideshow button on the bottom flyout. Also this bottom flyout contains buttons for comment, like, favorites and info. The Info button is pretty helpful for the amateurs, as they can learn which/what camera, focal length, shutter speed, and lenses the photographer used.

500px - comments

Obviously, you need to logged in with 500px credentials in order to comment, like, and mark a photo as favorite. In case, if you haven’t got one, then you can make one within the app using your Facebook or Twitter account.

500px - logging-connecting

That were the details of the app, following are the key features of the app:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 photo app.
  • Official app of 500px.
  • Browse photos in full screen view, and watch a slideshow.
  • Like, comment, view information, and add photos to favorites.
  • Browse for user profiles and follow them.
  • Integrated with Windows 8 search, share, and settings charms.
  • Great looking UI.

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Following is a screenshot of sharing photo within the app:

500px - share

Final note:

500px, certainly is a good Windows 8 photo app. It is a great medium to get inspired by viewing all the beautiful amazing photos taken by photographers from around the world, and connecting to the photographers and learning from them. The app works totally great, it does what it advertises. Switching between screens and photos was smooth and fast. Although I missed the pinning feature, otherwise the app is totally functional. All in all, this app does need to be installed in your Windows 8 devices.

If you like to make your own movies out of photos and videos, then try this free Windows 8 app.

Grab 500px here.

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