Peer to Peer File Sharing Client: Torrent Monster

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Torrent Monster is a free peer-to-peer file sharing client. In other words it is an application where users can share desired files. It enables the user to download music files, movie files, pictures, applications and documents easily. The number of registered users is huge and is increasing by the passing day. Therefore locating and downloading a desired file of any type becomes very simple and hassle-free. The resources of Torrent Monster is vast which increases the chance of finding a required file. What sets this peer-to-peer file sharing client apart is its uncomplicated interface and the download speed. This software allows the user to download a file at the maximum speed of his or her connection.

Features Of This File Sharing Application

  • The Torrent Monster can anticipate the speed of each of the torrent sources and give the quickest top priority. It uses optimization algorithms to provide the user with the best download speed.
  • The  peer-to-peer file sharing client has a user-friendly and uncluttered interface. The user is provided with abundance of features and settings which ensures better searching and downloading processes.
  • This application allows the export and import of torrent files in XML ( Extensible Markup Language). It also includes a comprehensive tool to upload these files on the internet.
  • The file sharing client also keeps a record of the download statistics. It also provides with necessary information about the internet connection of the user.
  • The multi source download is much faster in Torrent Monster compared to other peer-to-peer file sharing clients.
  • The application has a convoluted library organizer which makes the usage of library much easier.
  • The download mesh provided by Torrent Monster aids the sources and the search outcomes automatically.
  • The magnetic links of the software allows the user to share files easily.
  • The software can calculate the speed of available hosts. It also allows the user to preview a file which he or she wants to download.
  • The active blasting is better compared to most other peer-to-peer file sharing clients.
  • The  peer-to-peer file sharing client manages the connections to an optimal level.
  • It uses the total bandwidth to the maximum level by allowing dynamic uploading.
  • Torrent Monster runs on the largest decentralised file sharing network which is Gnutella file sharing network.

Interface And Working Of Torrent Monster

The Torrent Monster consists of a comprehensive and efficient interface. The menu bar consists of the following options: file, view, tools, window and help. The file option enables the user to open torrent files, to open and close new torrent and to manage the transfers. The view option helps the user to remove and reinstate the side bar and the tool bar. The tools button gives the user the following options: my tracker, my classic shares, console, statistics, transfers bar, all peers, client stats, IP filters and options.

The search box is right below the menu bar. The side bar shows the user the list of the downloading files and downloaded files. Then comes the Torrents Monster Radio which allows the user to listen to internet radio. The stations are classified under genres and locations which makes the entire process easier. Subscription option allow Torrent Monster to give the user live updates about newly downloaded contents.

When one enters the name of the file, Torrent Monster returns a list of sources. The user then has to simply select a source and download the file to the desired location.

Downloading And Installing The Software

Torrent Monster can be downloaded from the official website of GoForSharing. A number of other sites host the download link too. While the .exe file can take time to download the actual installation does not take much time.

Final Verdict

Torrent Monster is a powerful and well designed Gnutella client. If you are looking for a compact and solid  peer-to-peer file sharing client then surely go for it.

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