Free Social Media Cover Generator API with Custom Text, Logo

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JitBit is a free social media cover generator API to generate social media thumbnails with text and logo. You just make a simple API call and it will take care of all the other things. It instantly generates the social media cover and you can use that on other places as well. It generates a very simple embed code and you can use that in <img> tag on your website.

Previously I covered a social media image generator API which does a similar thing. But here this one is pretty much straightforward but it lacks some customization features. You only need to specify the background image, logo, and text. You can use any HTTP client to make the request and generate the image. Or use the web UI that it offers to make things easier.

If you know how to use APIs, then you can simply use it to instantly generate social media covers. Or, you can make your web app around this to generates images with quotes and things like that. To make the API call, you don’t need to generate any API key or token. Also, there are no restrictions on the number of calls you can make.

Free Social Media Cover API generator

How to use this Social Media Cover Generator API?

As I mentioned it earlier, you don’t need any account to get started, so you can just go to the JitBit Home. If you are not into the technical stuff then you can just use the main web UI that it has for you.

JitBit WebUI

To generate the social media cover, you just specify URL of the background image, logo, and text that you want to render over the image. However, for customization, it only lets you change the font of the text. And there is a specific URL format for this as well to specify these things as URL parameters.

JitBit in action

It will generate the social media cover for you and you can just download it and use that wherever you want. It even generates a URL to the social media cover just generated. With that UR, you can easily embed the generated image on any website in the image tag.

Final thoughts:

If you are into social media marketing or similar line of work and have some programming experience, then you will find this tool really helpful. In just a few seconds, you can generate a social media image with text of your choice. What I liked most about this API is that it hast put any restrictions on the number of requests.

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