Free Automated Social Media Post Creator API with Templates: APITemplate

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APITemplate lets you automatically create social media posts by making simple API calls. You can define a specific template in your account and make an API request to render some text on it. The finally rendered image can be downloaded as its URL is returned in JSON response. Not only images but you can use it to create PDFs as well by making API calls. It has some PDF invoice templates that you can use even customize them. The free plan of APITemplate is kind of limited and better suited for individual small use case.

If you use the same template for your social media posts on Instagram or Facebook them you will like this API. It will make adding text to your images easy. You just make a simple API request and add text to any part of the image with the help of some parameters. You can create the text area on the template editor that it offers and in the free plan you can have up to 3 templates. Similar thing you can do for PDFs. You can use it to generate PDF invoices by mapping different fields in the template to a JSON variable that you use in the API request.

Automated Social Media Post Creator API with Templates

Free Automated Social Media Post Creator API with Templates: APITemplate

You only need to create a free account on APITemplate to start using it. So, just sign in via your email and after verification, you will reach the main dashboard which looks like this. On the main dashboard, you can see the rate limits and the previously generated images.

APITemplate dashboard

Now, you just have to choose a template you want to use for the social media posts. There are some nice templates that you can use and even modify features if you want to. The same you can for PDF templates but it has only 1 for it and that is for creating invoices.

API template choose a template

Next, you open whatever template you select in the template editor. Here you can configure the variable names for different sections where text will be painted. You can add some other shapes and stock photos from Unsplash and then change it after making the API calls. You are free to customize each and every aspect of the template with ease.

APITemplate Editor

Next, you just copy the JSON structure of the template that you have to send in API. To do that, just switch to “API Console” option and copy all the code. This is as simple as that.

APITemplate JSON Data for Template

To make an API request, the syntax is as given below. Just run this cURL command in terminal and it will return a JSON response in which you will have the links to the generated social media images. This is as simple as that. It has both; JPG and PNG image option and you are free to use anyone you like.

curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
-iL \
-H 'X-API-KEY: xxxxxAPI_Keyxxxxxx' \
--data '{ "overrides": [ {"name": "text_1", "text": "hello world", "textBackgroundColor": "rgba(246, 243, 243, 0)" }] }' \

API template in action

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful social media post generator API. Use it to simply generate your regular Instagram or Facebook post whenever you want. The only thing that you have to change the API request is the JSON data to render the final template. Just make sure that you have correct variable names and corresponding data value. This is because the free plan is limited so you better watch out wasting your API quota on silly mistakes.

Final words:

APITemplate is quite unique yet a useful tool for programmers who also happen to be Instagram or Facebook creators. It will be a good tool if you use a same template or theme for your posts. You can now generate on the fly without using any editor. Just a make simple API call and post will be generated. I liked the fact that it lets you customize the template to include more components.

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