Windows 8 Tetris Game: Tetrune

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Tetrune is a Windows 8 Tetris Game. In this game, you have to take the blocks that are given to you and have to form a solid filled pattern. The game uses easy controls in  combination with good quality background sounds.

As this Tetris game for Windows 8 progresses, the speed of the boxes increase, and you have to quickly figure out the way to place the blocks so as to gain a good score, thus gradually increasing the difficulty level of the game for you. You will be able to see your ranking on a global leader board.


Tetrune is freely available in the games category of the Windows store.

Playing this Windows 8 Tetris Game

On launching the game, you would be shown the options to play. From the panel that appears on the right side, if you click the pencil button present in a circle, you would be able to change the name of the player.

Tetrune- start screen

Use the Leaderboard option that is present here, and the score made by the users of the game will be shown to you.

Tetrune- Leaderboard

The main features of the game that makes it different is that the game will also give you the option to compete on a global level. Your score will be put on a global board.

Gameplay of Tetris for Windows 8:

As you start the game, two panels would be shown to you. One is the game panel which is present at the middle of the app. Here, you have to place the blocks, and have to complete the rows to make score. In the panel on the right side, the blocks that will appear next in the game will be shown, with the lowermost being the current one. Your score along with the level you are playing will be displayed in a panel on the left side.

Tetrune- game

Game controls

The controls of the game are quite easy. You just have to use the arrow keys to properly adjust the blocks that are falling  down. Use the Up button of the keyboard in order to change the orientation of the falling box.


In order to progress forward in the game, you have to properly adjust the falling blocks so that they can form fully filled rows. As the rows keep on filling, they start disappearing from the game panel, adding to your score. As the game progresses with time, the speed of falling of the blocks will also increase, thus increasing the difficulty level of your game.

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My Verdict on Tetrune

Tetrune is a nice Windows 8 Tetris Game with a nice game play and easy controls. The difficulty level of the game also increases with progress which ensures a good user experience. You should definitely try it.

Get Tetrune here

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