Windows 8 Blocks Game App Free: Bloq

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Bloq is a free Windows 8 blocks game app. It’s a simple and fun Windows 8 game app. All you have to do is make a rectangle by selecting four same colored blocks, and make them vanish. So, the more rectangles you are able to vanish, the more points gets added to your score. It’s that straightforward! And to make the game more addictive and fun, the game also includes bonuses in the form of extra time. But the condition is you should be able to grab them before they fade away. Play the game in any Windows 8 device, and achieve your best score possible, and play again next time to beat your own best score, and the other player’s scores in the world leader-board.


Gameplay of this Windows 8 blocks game app:

There ain’t any doubt that the game certainly is addictive. Though, on first look, it might look a bit messed up, because you get the whole playing area filled with blocks of different color. And because of this, it might take a while for you to get a hold of the game. A solution for this can be, concentrate on smaller area, rather than going for big one. This helps you in finding the matching corner boxes easily. And once you get a hold of the game, you can try for the bigger areas. Because, the bigger is the area (contained within the same colored boxes) that gets vanished, the more points get added to your score. And, when you’ll realize that you are able to vanish bigger areas, than the game becomes more fun.

Bloq - main screen

The game certainly has a good gameplay. It’s fun and quite challenging. It’s not that easy to find matching blocks which are forming a rectangle.

Here is how you proceed in this game: you have to find four blocks which have same color and together are forming a rectangle. That is, you have to find four corners blocks of a rectangle having same color. The valid rectangles includes: a rectangle standing straight or vertical. But not a diagonal rectangle. The more the number of blocks that are contained inside the four same colored corner blocks, the more points you’ll get. With every gameplay you’ll get 180 seconds countdown. So what you have to do is vanish as many blocks as you can, before the time runs out. Sounds challenging, right?

Bloq - game play

But, there’s an interesting twist in this game which works in your favor, and that is you can actually buy more time to the countdown time. During the game-play, you’ll get multiple numbers on the blocks which stay for a while and then vanishe away. So, what you can do is, you can find a rectangle, that includes the numbered blocks inside it. If you are able to find and vanish them, before they fade away, then those many seconds will get added to the countdown. Hence, giving you more time to score more.

Simply click on the same colored blocks to make a rectangle and vanish them. Once they vanish away, a new set of blocks appear in their place. The good thing about the game is, you can pause the game during the game-play and resume it from the point where it was left. It also saves your all time best score. Therefore reminding you of the score to beat. Also, the game shows world leader-board of This Week and Overall.

Bloq - your score and world leaderboard

Key features of this Windows 8 blocks game app:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 blocks game app.
  • Simple and fun to play.
  • Good and addictive game-play.
  • Select four corner blocks with same color to make a rectangle, and vanish them to score points.
  • Pause the game and resume it from where it was left.
  • Saves and shows local and world leader-boards.

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Final note:

Bloq, certainly is a good Windows 8 blocks game app. It’s fun, challenging, and a great medium to kill some free time. Or, if you are serious, then you can play to get to the top in world leader-board. Download this Windows 8 blocks game app from Games Category in Windows Store, or get it here.

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Works With: Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Free/Paid: Free

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