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Blio is free e-book reader with which you can read and purchase tons of ebooks, including lot of free ones. Blio and Baker & Taylor, the world’s largest distributor of digital and print books, has embarked a partnership and this enables the users to but and read eBooks from various top publishers such as Penguin Group, Random House, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Hachette Book Group and Simon & Schuster. There are millions of free ebooks available with Blio that you can download and read for free.

There are already many free e-reader software available in the market, like, Lucidor, free desktop ebook reader, and of course Kindle. However, Blio brings a very unique perspective. Unlike conventional e-book reading software that focus on presenting just text of the books, Blio focuses on displaying ebooks in exactly the same format and color as their print version. This means if you are reading a book on Blio, it will be exactly same  (or pretty close) to the way book is laid out in its print version. Most importantly, you will be able to see all the images, colors, and diagrams that are available in print version of the book. This is such a big factor, as most of the ebook readers just present text, and completely ignore images. This means lot of books that need illustrations (such as travel guides, cook books, and coffee table books) lose their charm while reading on a e-book reader. But Blio ensures that it is as much fun to read those books in digital format as in print format.


If you download the eBook it keeps the original format intact page by page. Books which have got rich graphical formats are greatly benefitted from this. There are many tools which will enhance your reading; you can see the preview of the page, zoom in & zoom out, use reference tools and flip the pages as you do with the real books. It allows you to use the common library on various platforms. You can read the book on your PC and thereafter you can continue reading from where you left off from your laptop or notebook. In future Blio promises to support various platforms like mobile devices, tablets, Silverlight, Android and iOs.

e-Book Library Browser:

Apart from just being an e-book reader, Blio is also an integrated e-book library browser. So, you can browse millions of e-books right from inside Blio, and even purchase them. Of course, there are lot of free ebooks also available in that library, and you can download and read them completely free. This makes it so efficient to use Blio for all your book reading needs.

Virtual e-Book Library:

Another great aspect of Blio is that it maintains your virtual ebook library. So, if you were reading an ebook on your home PC, you can resume reading it on your netbook while travelling, or your office PC when you get a chance.

Text to Speech in e-Books:

Blio also has got text-to-speech technology with which you can experience hands-free use. This technology uses the Nuance Vocalizer and you can download two voices namely ‘Tom’ and ‘Samantha’. They will read out the text for you. This technology also highlights the words being read this enhances the experience of learning.

Add Notes in e-Books:

The advantages of Blio do not stop there as you can insert notes into digital pages. You can highlight the sections and even look for references on internet.

Integrated with GoodReads Account:

You can also integrate Blio with your Goodreads account to get reading recommendations from Goodreads, and also share your recommendations.

You can do all this while reading; you don’t have to come out of the application for that. Go to and download the latest version. It will work well on all the windows versions currently in use. Just download and install the application and then start reading free eBooks from 100s of world’s top publishers.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
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