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Mem Reduct is a small simple program that allows users to effectively manage computer memory. Memory leaks cause computers to use large amounts of both physical and virtual memory. With Mem Reduct, you can easily cut down on how much memory your computer uses without having to worry about the safety of both your software and data.

Features of Computer Memory Optimization Tool:

Automatic memory reduction: Using this allows the computer to automatically cut down on memory usage without requiring any user input. The program automatically reduces memory after a predetermined period of time and informs the user with a popup.

Simple and easy to use: The user interface and program controls are designed in such a way that the users can easily manage memory without any special skills or expert knowledge on computer systems.

Multilingual: Mem Reduct is available in three languages, English, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese.

How to optimize computer memory

Downloading the program might pose a problem for several users as the program’s homepage is in Russian. However, the program can be easily downloaded from popular software repositories like Softpedia. From then on, everything else goes very smoothly. The user interface is intuitive and couldn’t be simpler. On launching the program, it opens a tray icon displaying the percentage of RAM currently in use while the interface displays all computer memory statistics including virtual memory.

Mem Reduct

To manually reduce the amount of memory in use, click Memory Reduction. The program opens another interface with a few options to choose from  and memory statistics before and after reduction. Check the Working set and System working set options to reduce system and RAM memory in use. The Modified pagelists and Standby pagelists should only be checked when you want to reduce the paging file or virtual memory . Click Start to begin the process. The program prompts for confirmation and when issued, the program reduces computer memory and updates the memory statistics.

Mem Reduct

To access program settings, select Settings from the File menu.You can allow the program to launch on windows start up by checking the Launch on system start up option and check for updates at the same time by checking the Check updates at start up option. Memory can be measured in either megabytes or kilobytes by selecting the preferred option. You can also choose from a list of three languages in the Language dropdown. For those who find the cleaning confirmation dialog box a bit annoying, you can disable it by unchecking the Ask before start cleaning option or allow the program to carry out cleaning automatically by checking the Auto Reduct option. You can choose a time period after which the tray icon is refreshed or change the colour of the tray icon depending on the amount of memory in use by entering appropriate values in their respective combo boxes. Mem Reduct uses balloons to capture the attention of the user when memory usage reaches certain levels. You can configure when these balloons are displayed and also set an interval after which they are displayed on the Balloon tips tab.

Mem Reduct

All procedures described above can be easily accessed from the Mem Reduct’s tray icon context menu.

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  • Simple and easy to use
  • Considerably reduces memory usage
  • automated memory reduction


  • Some of the reduction processes are not available on Window XP  and earlier
  • No help is provided


Mem Reduct offers computer users a simple, fast, convenient and safe way of cutting down on computer memory usage.

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Works With: Windows
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