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Crumbles is a free online application to convert text into hilarious videos using the mashup of clips from different movies. If you want to make your boring text messages funny and interesting, then this application is definitely for you. It simply creates a video (which is similar to GIF but with sound) for the text typed by you. Similar to other applications such as ClipDis or Wordeo, “Crumbles” also lets you create video mashups from the text and share them with your friends.

When you type any text on the application, it searches its database for video clips from tons of movies and combines them to make a mashup. For example, if you type “hey buddy how are you” then it will look for video clips that match each word individually. As the text is of five words, it will combine five different clips and turn it into a funny video. The word limit for the text message is up to 25 words maximum. If “Crumbles” doesn’t find any word on its database, then it will simply highlight the text and for the rest it will create the video.

The following screen recording shows how it converts the text into a video.

main screenshot

Note: If you want this cool application on your phone, then do not worry as it also comes with an iOS app. The best part of the iOS app is that, if a word is not in the database then you can record your own.

How to Convert Text into Hilarious Videos:

Step 1: Go to the homepage of this online application and start typing text as no registration is required.

Step 2: Simply type your text message on the bar and the application will start looking for clips. If the words are available on its database, then it will simply look for clips and if not then it will highlight the words which are not available. The following screenshot shows the highlighted words for which clips cannot be found.

type text

Step 3: When it highlights the words which cannot be found, that doesn’t mean that it will not create a video. A video is always created with the rest of the words and by ignoring the clips of highlighted ones. The clips for unavailable words are ignored, but the application reads out the highlighted text on the video.

Step 4: When you’re done with playing around and creating a funny video mashup, you can share it with your friends Facebook and Twitter. If you wish to share it by any other means, then do not worry as it also has an option to create a unique URL for sharing the video. The following screenshot shows how to share video mashups.

share option

My Final Verdict:

Crumbles is quite an interesting online application to convert text into hilarious videos. Use this simple application to turn your boring and usual text message into something funny. Personally, I like this application but it would have been better if the database is updated with new and trending words. But worth a try.

Try “Crumbles” from the link here.

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