Free AI Anonymizer to Generate Look-a-like Photos Online

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AI Anonymizer is an online tool that lets you generate look-a-like photos online. This tool uses trained ML algorithms to generate a synthetic portrait image that looks similar to you. It uses the same algorithms as Generated.Photos that are well-known for generating synthetic faces based on different human characteristics using AI.

The idea behind this tool is to allow everyone to generate synthetic portrait photos to protect your identity online. You can feed your 1 photo to the tool and it will create dozens of portrait photos that match your characteristics. Furthermore, you can pick a background color in the photo or keep it transparent before downloading.

Free AI Anonymizer to Generate Look-a-like Photos Online

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Generate Your Look-a-like Photos Online

You can generate your look-a-like photos using AI Anonymizer without an account but you have to sign in to be able to download. So you can either sign up in the beginning or later at the time of download.

upload a photo to generate look-a-like

Generating your look-a-like photos is simple. All you have to do is visit the website and upload your photo there. The photo should be a JPG or PNG file under 5 MB size.

ai generated look-a-like photos

When your photo is uploaded, it takes a few seconds to generate synthetic faces that match your characteristics. It shows you 20 portrait photos in one go. You can also load more results to find more variations. Then you can pick one or multiple photos that you like to download.

get your look-a-like photos with custom background

When you pick a photo(s), it opens that in a popup where you can choose a background color of your choice. You can also keep the background fully transparent if you like. After that, you can download the photo and also submit your feedback.

The photos are free for personal use. If your use case is for commercial purposes, then you have to go with the paid plan that offers 15 photos per month. You can use those photos for commercial use without any attribution.

Closing Words

This is a nice way to protect your identity online with generative media. Instead of uploading your own photo, you can generate synthetic photos and use them. This way, you can stay safe while conducting sensitive operations. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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