Download AI-Generated Faces for Royalty-free Model Photos Use

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This article covers 3 free websites to download AI-generated faces for royalty-free model photos use. Over the past couple of years, the AI is gradually gathering the attention of almost all industries. We’ve seen many projects taking advantage of AI and producing amazing results over other conventional methods. Graphics and media are most affected by AI. There are many projects experimenting with different things with photos and videos such as DeepFake, FaceApp, etc. There are also research projects where people created AI-generated headshots which look real. Here, I’m covering 3 such websites where you can find AI-generated faces.

The collection of AI-generated face photos from the first two websites are completely royalty-free means you can use them for commercial and personal use. Whereas the collection from the third website is free for personal use only. All these websites provide the photos in JPG format. You can easily download the photos from the source and use them in your project. With that said, let’s check out these websites one by one and see what type of photo collections they offer.

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Download AI-Generated Faces for Royalty-free Model Photos Use:

ai-generated faces for royalty-free use is an on-going project that can generate full human face images based on users needs. When this project will be ready, it can generate human faces based on meta properties and physical properties. The meta properties would include ethnicity, mood, etc. and the physical properties would include age, skin, sex, eyes, etc.

Currently, this website offers 100,000 AI-generated faces for stock photos which are royalty-free. These photos are results of the project and saved on Google Drive. Not all the photos are perfect but still, you can find thousands of photos which are good for use. The best part about this project is that all the AI-generated photos are perfectly lit. Those photos are ready to be replaced the model faces stock photos.

ai-generated faces for stock images is another free website that features thousands of AI-generated faces. This website uses GAN to produce a never-ending stream of realistic headshot photos whenever you visit the website. It shows only one photos at a time; you have to reload the page to get the next photo.

Each time it shows you a different face with some stats written at the bottom right corner. In that stats, you get an option to save the photo which downloads the current photo to your pc as a JPG file. These are not as stock ready as But these are rich in details and can turn out to be really good with some photo editing.


ai-generated faces for stock photos

1mFakeFaces is another AI-powered project by a team of researchers at Nvidia. This project doesn’t have a landing page but you can find it on the Internet Archive. It contains 1 million AI-generated faces. On the Internet Archive page, there are a bunch of download options for this project. The TAR download options contain 100 TAR files each of one containing 10,000 photos.

Again, the photos of this project are not as good as but with retouching and filters, you can easily make them good. As these photos are results of the experimental project, they are free to use under non-commercial international attribution.

Closing Words:

These are 3 free websites where you can get AI-generated faces for commercial and/or personal use. Each website has its own unique collection of faces which together offers over a million photos to work with. If you are always in need for model stock photos do give these websites a try.

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