Find How Rich You Are Compared to Rest of The World: Global Rich List

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Global Rich List is a free website that tells you exactly where do you rank on Global rich list. You need to input your income, and this website will tell you how many people in the world are poorer than you. You might be shocked with the results to see you are much more richer than you probably thought. It will also show you much much laborers would have to work to make similar income than you does.

Once you realize that you are really rich; or, that a majority of the world population is poorer than you, this website encourages you to donate some of your income to a trustworthy charity, to help those who are not as blessed as you are.

Global Rich List

When you run the richness test on this website, it will show you what is your rank on the rich list. In addition, it will also tell you among what percentage of top rich people do you fall.

Find Your Rank by Income or Wealth:

Global Rich List lets you find your rank by income or by wealth. For that, just go the website, and choose appropriate option. There is no registration required. After choosing income or wealth, choose your country and then input the relevant number about your income or wealth and click on “Show My results”. It will immediately show you the result as in above screenshot.

Global Rich List Interface

Apart from the results mentioned above, it also shows some other facts related to your richness. It will show how many doctors in various countries can be paid from what you make. It will also show how many years an average laborer in some of the poorer countries would have to work to make the same amount as you did.

Donate Some of that Money:

The premise of the website is not just to show you where do you fall in global rich list; it also wants you to realize that you are richer than many of the other people and you can donate some of your wealth to help others. So, it encourages you to donate some of your money.

Global Rich List Donate

All the money that you donate goes to charity, and this website does not keeps any of that money. So, it is actually a nice initiative.

And in case you don’t want to donate money, there are ways to make money for charity without donating money.


GlobalRichList is a nice concept. Even if you think you are not that rich, this website will show you that you are actually richer than a majority of the world’s population. In addition, the fact that it encourages donation is a nice angle.

Check out GlobalRichList.

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