Disco: Group SMS App from Google

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Disco is a free group SMS app from Google. It lets you send text messages to an entire group. You can send text messages from any phone, and they will be sent to all phones in the group. Disco can be used directly from your phone, from iPhone app, or even from web.

Note: At time of writing of this article, Disco works for US only.

Update (2-Sep-2012): Disco does not seems to be available now.

Disco is quite easy to use. You start by creating a free account. This account can be created on Disco.com. You need to provide your US phone number to create an account. After that, you can create a group, and add up to 25 people in that group. Disco will give you a unique phone number for that group. Whenever you want to send text messages to entire group, just send a message to that Disco number, and it will be forwarded to anyone. Similarly, if anyone from the group replies to that message, it will be sent to everyone in the group.


As you just need to send SMS to a number, you can use Disco with any phone. Another similar application we reviewed earlier is GroupMe.

Here are some interesting features of Disco Group Text:

  • Any member in the group can invite more members to join that group.
  • You can create as many groups as you want.
  • Only administrator of a group can remove a member
  • You can send text from your phone, or even use iPhone app.
  • Disco is completely free, however, your phone service provider could charge you for text messages.
  • You can see complete chat history by logging into your account online.

Try out Disco for free.

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