How to Sort Spotify Playlist by Release Date or Date Added

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This tutorial explains how to sort Spotify playlists by release date, artist, date it was added, and some other parameters. Playlist Sorter is the name of this tool and it connects to your Spotify account and sort any playlist that you select. It saves the changes in the selected playlists, and you can use it to sort any number of playlists with ease. If you’d like your songs in Spotify your playlist to be sorted in a specific manner that you don’t get natively, then this might come in handy.

We have covered Spotify playlist sorter before, but even that can’t sort songs based on release date. Or in case you want to sort songs in the chronological order that they were added to the playlist, then you can’t do that natively either. But with the Spotify tool I have mentioned here, you can do it in a few clicks. It doesn’t matter how many playlists you have, you will be able to sort them all.

Sort Spotify Playlist by Release Date or Date Added

How to Sort Spotify Playlist by Release Date or Date Added?

You can simply access Playlist Sorter from here. After that, you just go ahead and authorize it to access your Spotify account. When you do that, it will show you all the playlists from your account. You can select any of them to start sorting them.

playlist Sorter Auth playlist Sorter List Playlists from Spotify Account

It will now take you to the next page where you can specify the sorting method you want to use. Select one from the dropdown and then simply apply it. It will only take a few seconds to sort the playlist and then you can move to the next the one. This is as simple as that.

playlist Sorter Sorting methods

In this way, you can use this simple Spotify tool to sort playlists from your account. Apart from sorting songs by release date or date they were added, you can opt for other sorting methods. For example, it lets you sort songs by artist’s name and track name as well. And you can sort the songs with every sorting method sin ascending as well as descending order.

Final words:

If you are looking for ways to sort your Spotify playlist, then you are at the right place. Here the tool I have mentioned lets you sort any playlist from your account in the way you want. I liked the way it works, as the whole process is very starightforward. Just authorize your Spotify account and sort any playlist.

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