Play Games Using Your Face, Get Boomerang Video of Game Play

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Here, you will play games using your face and get boomerang video of gameplay in the end. Face in the Hole is the free app that you can use with your friends. The game is quite interesting as it requires you to poke the objects float on the screen with your face.

You will get different levels to cross. Each level has different objects. The first level starts with Santa clauses that you need to chop with your face. As the level changes, the game changes the objects. You will get clouds to pop, Santa to chop, popping balls, and many more. After you finish your game, you will get the boomerang of your gameplay.

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Play Games Using Your Face

Play Games Using Your Face, Get Boomerang Video of Game Play

The very first level you can cross is to download the app named Face in the Hole. You can easily find the app for free from the App Store.

This app lets you play fun games where you can poke the objects float on the screen. You and your friends can do it together using one phone.

So after you install the app, launch it. The app prompts permission to access your phone’s camera. You can allow it to proceed with the game.

get highlights as boomerang

Next to this, you can select a game partner. After you pick your friend, you can place the phone against a stable surface. Also, choose a color from pink and blue for you and your partner.

Now the game begins and you will see objects floating from left to right. You just need to move your face to hit the Santa of your selected color.

Your friend needs to do the same. You both can poke the objects of your selected color. In the first level, you will get Santas to burst and then popping ball, cloud, etc., in the next levels. And when the game is over, you will see the highlights in the form of a boomerang. You can share this boomerang of gameplay with others as well. It is a fun game as you and your friends will jumping and moving your face in front of the phone’s screen.

In brief

The app has nothing to do but laugh while playing. You can grab your friends and play this popping like game anytime. The game is quite simple to play. It has a beautiful interface where you can choose your color so that you can move your face against the object with the chosen color.

Play Face in the Hole here.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 2 Average: 1.5]
Works With: iPhone
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