4 Best Free Apps to Write Math Equations on iPhone

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Here is a list of 4 best free apps to write math equations on iPhone. Using these apps, you will be able to write typical maths equations with almost all the basic and advanced operators like powers, roots, exponentials, constants, logarithms, trigonometry, derivatives, integrations, algebra, and much more. Similar to another core math equation maker for Windows called “Math-o-mir“, these apps lets you easily write mathematical expressions but on your iPhone.

Some of these apps let you save the equations as images and share them with others directly from the app. MathPad and MyScript Calculator are my favorites, as you can create hand-written equations which later get rendered into digital form by these apps.

Let us get started with the apps.



Nuten is definitely one of the best apps to write mathematical equations on iPhone. It offers various operators to create equations for trigonometry, algebra, calculus, geometry, summation, limits, integrals, derivatives, etc. You can even create math expressions with fractions, subscripts, superscripts, square roots, and angles. Ultimately, almost all the equations of physics, chemistry, and maths can be written with Nuten. Writing equations on iPhone has never been easier. You can simply open up the app and start creating equations.

You can simply open up the app and start creating equations. It even offers some useful predefined equations like the area of a circle, arithmetic series, Euler’s equation, and more, which you can directly use or insert in your new equation. When you’re done creating equations, you can save them in the app for later use, save as images to the camera roll, and share the equations with others via Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.

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MathPad is another useful app for iPhone which can be used to write basic and scientific arithmetic equations. But, the best part of this app is that it allows you to create hand-written equations. That means you can simply slide your fingers on the screen to write or draw the equation, and it will automatically render and display the characters, operators, and symbols that you’ve written. For example, let’s say you’ve drawn a square root symbol, then this app will analyze the drawing and display the real square root on the screen.

It supports operators for roots, powers, trigonometry, exponentials, logarithms, summation, integrations, differentiations, etc. MathPad can digitally render more than 200 hand-written operators and characters. The undo and redo functions helps you easily correct mistakes on your equations. Once you’re done creating equations, you can save and share them directly from the app as images, LaTeX, and MathML files.

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MyScript Calculator:

write equation on iphone

Similar to MathPad, “MyScript Calculator” also allows you to draw equations on the screen, which it renders automatically into digital form. Apart from that, it comes with a unique feature which automatically calculates the equations that you write on the screen and gives you instant results. Whether you want to create and get solutions for equations with exponentials, roots, basic math operations, powers, trigonometry, inverse trigonometry, logarithms, and constants, you can always use this app to do so.

To write equations, simply open the app and draw the characters, symbols, and operators which you want to include in your equation. Then this app will analyze your handwriting and display the digital form of the equations along with the calculated answer. After writing equations, you can save them as images on your camera roll or share them with other via apps like Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, etc. It even has the options to view the equations history and copy the equations to the clipboard for pasting them somewhere else.

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SciKey is actually a keyboard app for iPhone which offers various scientific characters and symbols which can be used to create mathematical equations. It integrates with your built-in iPhone keyboard and helps you write equations inside messengers, note taking apps, browsers, and more. There is no option to save or export the equations as images and share them with others. But, you can copy the equations to the clipboard and use them anywhere you want.

Unlike the above-listed apps, it doesn’t let you create equations for advanced mathematics like logarithms, constants, differentiations, etc. However, you can create exponentials equations, algebra, basic math equations, square roots, fractions, superscripts, subscripts, and other simple equations using SciKey.

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My Final Verdict:

Did you ever wonder, how you can brainstorm with friends on mathematical problems without being in one location or classroom? If your answer is yes and you own an iPhone, then the apps listed in this post can help you with that question on your mind. You can use these apps to write various mathematical equations with operations like trigonometry, integrals, derivatives, constants, calculus, exponentials, algebra, and more on your iPhone. After that, you can share them with your friends as images or simple text.

Go ahead and try each one of them, and let me know which one you liked in the comments below.

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