5 Websites to Play Racing Games for Kids

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In this post, I will talk about 5 websites to play racing games for kids. The websites provide numerous racing games which will surely be enjoyed by your kids. And as I mentioned that these games are for kids, so you can be rest assured that there will not be any vulgarity and violence. Besides this, some of the games also have characters from various famous cartoon characters which will help your kids relate to the games.

So, let’s check out these websites.

1. Miniclip:


Miniclip is one of the most famous websites on the internet for playing games of any genre. As for the racing games, it has some really cool and amazing racing games for your kids. You can choose to play the games as guest as well as a registered user. If you’re a registered user, then you can compare your score and stats with other users and see how well you rank on the leaderboard. As for the games, you can browse them as the Top games, Recent games, and Top rated games. There are so many games that you will never run out of the choices.


Among all the games, I really enjoyed Turbo Racing 3. This game has 3D graphics with some cool supercars to choose from. The gameplay of the game is elimination racing. It means the racer who will be last to reach the checkpoint will be eliminated and this way, you have to try to save yourself from getting eliminated and be the last man racing to win the race. There are various boosts for you to take while racing and various achievements to be unlocked.

2. Nick:


The next website to get racing games for kids is Nick (Nicklodean). Since it is the website of Nicklodean, so it is obvious that your kids will find games having characters from shows and cartoons airing on Nicklodean. There are more than 15 racing games for kids with each of them having a particular Nicklodean character as the protagonist. There are no pop-ups to irritate your and your kids, simply click on the game you want to play.

Racers Revolution 3D

Among all the games, I loved playing Racers Revolution 3D the most. You have the option whether you want to do a single race or take part in the tournament. After choosing the race type, it’s time to choose the racing track and the Nicklodean character. Each of the characters has its own special vehicle to race. While racing, you will get power-ups to outsmart your opponents, but be careful as your opponents will also get those power-ups to outsmart you.

3. Primary Games:

Primary Games

Primary Games has a good collection of racing games for your kids. There are different types of racing games like car racing, bike racing, go-kart racing, etc.. For each race, you can read the description about the game to get an idea about the gameplay. Some of the available games on the website have been ported from touchscreen devices. So for such games, you will have to use the mouse to perform actions like tapping on the screen, swiping, etc..

Sprint Club Nitro

I loved playing Sprint Club Nitro the most. The game is basically like the Formula 1 racing. There are different race tracks divided into Forest, City, and Desert. You can unlock the higher one only by completing the previous one. Each race consists of 20 racers and you’ve to finish the race as fast as you can. Depending upon your rank, you will win the virtual cash reward which you can use to upgrade your car. This way, you have to complete the race in all of the tracks and try to win as many as you can.

4. Learn4good:


Learn4good is the next website in the list and it provides a detailed information for each of the available games. They provide racing games like car, bike, buggy, truck, etc.. As for the information, they explain the gameplay and controls of the game in detail. For the selected game, it also shows the rating of the game on the scale of 10 as well as the number of voters.

Coaster Racer 3

Although the website has all the good games, but I really enjoyed playing Coaster Racer 3. In the game, there are 20 racers with some of them racing on go-kart, some on bikes, some on buggy, etc.. You will start with a go-kart but you can unlock other vehicles as you will perform well in the game. Once you have unlocked the vehicles, then you will have the freedom of choosing anyone you want.

5. GamesForKidsFree.net:


The website GamesForKidsFree.net has more than 80 racing games for kids. You can choose to sort them on the basis of either popularity or date (newest). The website doesn’t provide any information for any game beside a thumbnail image and the game name. This website also provides you with different type of racing games related to different types of vehicles.

Big Truck Racing

From the lot, I loved playing Big Truck Racing. As the name suggests, you have to drive a big truck on the track and race against other truck drivers. Race your best to win the game and yes, do remember to avoid obstacles if you want to keep driving on the track.

These are the 5 websites to play racing games for kids. Check out and do share with me which one you liked the most.

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