5 Websites to Know About Dumb Laws in U.S.

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This article talks about 5 websites to know about dumb laws in U.S.. We all know that each of the states has its own set of laws which its residents and anyone who visits it has to follow. Although the laws are good for keeping things in control and preventing unwanted situations, but the weird thing is that many of those laws are really dumb. They are so dumb that you would be thinking who passed such laws. Apart from being dumb, some of the laws are also funny, which will leave you laughing thinking about them.

So, let’s have a look at each of the websites to see if there are any laws which you might be breaking unknowingly.

1. DumbLaws.com:

Dumb Laws

DumbLaws.com is the first website in the list to know about dumb laws in the U.S.. The website has a separate section for each of the 50 states of America. You have to choose the specific state to start reading the dumb laws. For selected state, you will find the dumb laws which are applicable all over the state along with the ones which are restricted to a particular city of that state. Some of the laws also have an option called Full Text of the Law. Clicking on it will take you to a new page where you can read about the text of the law as mentioned in the official documentation of the state.

2. TJSHome:


The next website in the list is TJSHome and it lets you browse the dumb facts on the basis of states, all laws, or only the verified laws. For most of the laws, the website also mentions the source. On selecting the By States option, you will see the list of all the states along with a number showing the laws included for each of them. You can even use the search bar for manual search.

3. Laws.com:


Laws.com is the website which doesn’t have the categories of the dumb laws on the basis of states or cities. Instead, it has the categories like Funny laws, Strange Laws, Silly Laws, Stupid Laws, Weird Laws, etc.. Choose the category of your interest and start reading the laws. For the selected category, the laws are grouped on the basis of the states and states are listed in alphabetical order.

4. Jimella:


Jimella is the website which doesn’t provide any categories or filters for you to search for the facts easily. It provides you with a single webpage full of all the facts divided by the states. All the state names are sorted alphabetically which makes it a little easier for you to find the particular state in which you’re interested. For each of the facts, they’ve also mentioned the name of the person who submitted it.

5. Total Lawyers:

Total Lawyers

The last website in the list is Total Lawyers and it’s different from the others. This website not only lists dumb laws in U.S., but also explain the reasons behind them. The website also mentions what could be the consequences for breaking those dumb laws and whether is there any hardcore punishment or not. So, if you want to read about the laws in detail then this website is for you.

These are the 5 websites to know about dumb laws in U.S.. Check them out and share your views with me using the comments section below.

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