4 Free Websites to Know About American Urban Legends

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Here is a list of 4 free websites to know about American urban legends. The urban legends are the stories which may or may not have been believed by their tellers. Most of the urban legends have a horrific but somewhat believable ending, but some of them are also funny (Source: Wikipedia). No matter you believe on these legends or not, but they are fascinating and interesting for sure. The websites included by me in this list will help you know about American urban legends. They will tell you about those urban legends which are popular in America along with those ones which are a part of the American culture and get passed on from one generation to another.

Although the title of the post refers to American urban legends, but a few of the websites in this list also talk about various urban legends popular in the rest of the world. So let’s get started with them.

1. Snopes:


Snopes is one of the most popular and widely acclaimed website to know about American urban legends. The website has categorized all the urban legends across different categories for faster search. Some of them are: Autos, Business, College, Food, Language, Legal, Medical, Politicians, etc. All the urban legends listed on the website are rated as: True, False, Multiple Truth Values, Undetermined, and Unclassifiable Veracity. On selecting the category, you will see the list of all the urban legends categorized under it with their titles. You have to click on the title to know more about them. Some of the legends’ title have an asterisk in front of them, while others don’t. The asterisk means the detailed page for that particular legend will open in a new tab and for those without it will open in the same tab.

On the details, the website explains the selected urban legend by mentioning the claim, versions, and origins. The website also shows the rating of the legend along the last update date. The good thing about the website is that it also lists the sources behind all the information provided by them. Other than the urban legends’ categories, there are also sections like What’s New, Randomizer, Hot 25, Odd News, Glossary, etc.

2. About.com:


The next website in the list is none other than the widely popular knowledge house About.com. The Urban Legends topic of the website has lots and lots of information and interesting facts related to American urban legends. On clicking any of the urban legends, its detailed information will be shown to you on a new page. On the page, the website shows description, circulating since, and status. The status shows whether the urban legend is true, false, or still undetermined. The website also gives an explanation in support of the status awarded by them.

3. Urban Legends Online:

Urban Legends Online

Urban Legends Online is the third website to know about American urban legends. You can look for any particular urban legend by using either the search bar or via the categories. Clicking on the category will show you the included urban legends with a representative image and a brief summary. On clicking the one you want to read, you will be redirected to the page where you will find the details regarding the urban legend. Although the website doesn’t provide any information about their authenticity but it does provide a good amount of knowledge. There is also a section for posting your views about the legend and you can even discuss with fellow users.

4. American Folklore:

American Folklore

American Folklore is the last website in this list to know about American urban legends. The website has a very intense collection of American urban legends, which are divided across various sections. The website has categorized the urban legends even on the basis of ethnicities like Native American, Asian American, African American, etc. You just have to choose the category followed by the urban legend of your choice. For each legend, the website explains the story behind it in detail.

These are the 4 free websites to know about American urban legends. Check them out to know about them, their origin, and other details.

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