5 Free Websites to Play Online U.S. History Quiz

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to play online U.S. history quiz. All the quizzes available on these websites are completely free to play without any need of registration. The registration is required only if you want to save your progress or want to get listed on the quiz leaderboard. These websites have different types of U.S. history quizzes like about US presidents, states, historical moments, revolutions, etc.

These websites are good for both American citizens and as well as for those who are interested in American history. So, let’s get started with them one by one.

1. Fun Trivia:

Fun Trivia

Fun Trivia is a website which has lots of U.S. history and other quizzes. You can choose any of the categories like U.S. Civil War, U.S. Labor Unions, U.S in 19th Century, etc. Each of these categories has multiple quizzes which you can check by clicking on any of them. For every individual quiz; you can check the name, difficulty level, number of questions, and number of times that particular quiz has been played.

In a particular quiz, each question starts with 100 points and the points go on to decrease as you will take more time to answer it or answer incorrectly. For each question, you will see the correct answer as well as the reason behind that answer. At the end of the quiz, you will see the number of points earned for particular question including percentage of users who got that particular question correct.

2. Sporcle:


Sporcle has history related quizzes for various topics and regions including United States. The website’s quiz page has current day’s featured quiz, most popular quizzes, and popular quizzes for the current day. You can click on any quiz to start playing. You can also challenge your friends or any other person to play it but you need a registered account with Sporcle. The website also has option for commenting about any quiz and to read comments posted by others.

3. Constitution Facts:

Constitution Facts

The third website Constitution Facts has numerous quizzes about U.S. history, constitution, and other related things. Clicking on any quiz will take you to the next page from where you can play the quiz. If you choose the correct answer then you can move to the next question instantly and for incorrect answer, the website shows the correct answer along with the explanation. Depending upon your performance and the quiz type, you will get the final results.

4. Purpose Games:

Purpose Games

Purpose Games website has all types of quizzes as mixed up so you will look for U.S. history related quiz manually. For each quiz; you can check the description, number of likes quiz has got, number of plays, and read comments. Most of the quizzes on the website have a U.S. map on the screen and you have to guess the location of a particular state on the basis of given criteria. You can choose to like and comment on any quiz.

5. American History by About.com:

American History

The last website in this list is American History by About.com. The website has 5 quizzes: American History Guru, Civil War Guru, Colonial History Guru, Presidential Guru, and Wild West Guru. For each question, you are rewarded with virtual money instead of points. For each correct answer, you will win the reward and also see the explanation but for incorrect answer, you will remain at the same question unless you get it right.

These are the 5 free websites to play online U.S. history quiz. Check them out to see how well you know the American history. Play the quizzes and feel free to share your experiences with me via comments.

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