7 Free Websites to Download Printable Origami Paper with Patterns

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In today’s article, I’m going to talk about 7 free websites to download printable origami paper with patterns. Before going further let me tell you what the origami sheets are. Origami is basically a Japanese term from the word Oru which means to fold and Gami for Paper. This Japanese art of folding paper is quite popular in several countries.

Children do papercrafts with origami sheets most of the time. Till now you must have tried plain and colorful origami paper. In today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing those websites which provide you origami paper with patterns. These origami papers are printable so you can download them on your computer/Laptop.

The websites keep a collection of free PDF with a set of origami papers. You can save them to get prints and try some creativity sitting at home. If you need some instructions for papercrafts, try these websites to learn origami paper folding art.

Here, I’m providing the websites to download printable origami paper with patterns.

1. Origami Way

download printable origami paper

Origami Way is a website to explore origami art. You can learn here to make paper art with origami sheets. The site also offers you printable origami paper which you can download in PDF format.

Once you land on this website, you will find numerous origami paper designs. The site has a pretty collection of origami sheets. You can find simple to artistic designs. There are plain ones and the printed one as well.

To download origami papers, you can click on the Download and save your favorite sheets. These PDF files are stored in Dropbox. You can either download directly on your computer or store in your Dropbox account by signing in. Then, you can take prints and fold papers to make paper models.

The website has origami instruction and diagrams as well. You can learn to make flowers, animals, crane, heart, stars, and more.

2. Origami-fun.com

download printable origami paper

Origami-fun.com is one of those websites that provide you a set of PDF with origami papers. The site keeps on adding the new sheets all the time. You can check up on them to download interesting patters of origami papers.

Once you visit the site through the mentioned link, it shows a number of paper designs. Clicking on the sheet, a PDF opens with all the origami papers. You can then download the PDF to store the free collection. Each PDF has 5-10 origami papers with beautiful patterns and colors. After downloading origami sheets, you can make paper toys, shapes and other art of folding papers.

Also if you’re new to this origami paper crafts then you can watch videos on this website. It shows step by step instruction to guide you.

3. Tuttle Publishing

download printable origami paper

Tuttle Publishing is another online platform to download printable origami paper. The site offers you downloadable content for various countries.

You can find beautiful prints of Japanese origami patterns in PDF format. When you visit the website through the mentioned link, it shows links to download origami sheets. When you click on a link, a PDF opens, then you can download your favorite origami paper design.

If you want to download a zip file from Dropbox then you can do that too. Just click Dropbox link and download all PDF at once. Thereafter, you can start folding papers to make different shapes and toys.

4. Snkhan.co.uk

download printable origami paper

Snkhan.co.uk is an online platform that keeps an amazing collection of origami papers. On this website, you will find a volume of origami papers with 1MB file size. The volume has around 24 designs with printed patterns.

The size of origami papers is 6×6 which can be downloaded in PDF format. To download the amazing art, you will see the option Origami Papers Volume 1. Clicking on this option, a zip file gets downloaded which has all the 25 pretty designs or origami sheets.

5. 101 Coloring Pages

Update 2022: This website no longer exists now. We recommend you to try some other alternative instead.

download printable origami paper

101 Coloring Pages is a free website to find printable origami paper designs. The site has everything about origami. You can find here origami instructions as well.

To download printable origami paper designs, you can visit the website. It shows a small collection of origami papers. Though the collection is short. But all the sheets are beautiful. You can click on any sheet and download origami papers to make paper models.

6. Japanese Paper

download printable origami paper

Japanese Paper can also be used to download printable origami paper. This particular website provides a Japanese game and art online. You can also learn papercraft with animated videos and diagrams.

If you click the website link, it shows a number of origami papers. There is around 60 origami paper with printed designs. The sheets are quite adorable. You can find designs like pattern, cartoon, birds, flowers, etc., on the sheets. You can open any sheet to take prints from the web. Then, you can start making creative paper designs.

7. Super Coloring

download printable origami paper

Super Coloring keeps great collection of activities for kids. On this website, you can find printable origami paper. Not typically printed papers but you can find here origami folding papers.

By downloading origami sheets from this website, you don’t need to watch tutorials for the papercraft. The sheets have the instruction mentioned. You can simply color the cartoons and fold the origami sheet to make a paper toy. Similarly, you can go with other PDFs to make creative shapes with paper.

In brief

If you’re bored with plain origami sheets then you can replace those sheets with patterned origami sheets. I’m sure you’re going to do fun with these printed origami papers. Though it is not mentioned on each website if you can download sheets for commercial use. But I would recommend you to use for personal projects or assignments.

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