2 Free SWF to GIF Converter Software, Convert Flash To Animated GIF

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Here are 2 free SWF to GIF converter software for Windows. These software make it pretty easy to convert flash animation files to animated GIF. All you have to do is specify a SWF file and then these software will give you the corresponding GIF file. There are some other features also in these software that you will see when you use them. You can specify output parameters during the conversion process. You can specify the color depth, frame rate, resolution, loop animation, etc., during SWF to GIF conversion.

Since Flash is being gradually phased out, so it’s a good idea to convert those files to a format which is commonly available such as GIF. And that’s where these free software come in handy. These software will take an input SWF file. And after processing, you will get the final GIF which you can see in any GIF viewer.

5 Free SWF to GIF Converter Software, Convert Flash To Animated GIF

So, let’s start exploring this list of SWF to GIF converters.

2 Free SWF to GIF Converter Software, Convert Flash to Animated GIF

Aiseesoft Video to GIF Converter

aiseesoft swf to gif

Video to GIF Converter is a free software to convert any type of video file to a GIF file. It supports a very large number of video formats to convert to GIF, like, MP4, WMP, MOV, MPEG, 3GP, etc. In addition to all these formats, it can also convert Flash to Animated GIF. The software comes with an intuitive interface and supports batch processing. So, you can easily convert multiple SWF files to GIF in just a few clicks. To convert to GIF, the software allows you to specify certain parameters. You can can choose and configure frame rate, aspect-ratio, resolution, loop animation, etc.

Once you have added the SWF files to this converter, you can use the built-in player to play the SWF file before converting. The profile is automatically set to GIF, so there is no need to specify it explicitly. If you want to convert it with the default output parameters, just hit the Convert button to start the conversion. Or, if you want to customize the output parameters, then hit the Settings button from the main interface. After that, a panel will pop-up from where you can choose various parameters such as aspect ratio, resolution, frame rate, etc. When you have specified these options, go back to the main interface and convert the SWF file.

Free SWF to GIF Converter

free swf to gif converter flash to

Free SWF to GIF Converter (homepage) is another free and lightweight SWF to GIF converter software for Windows. The software primarily focuses on converting a SWF file to a GIF file and allows you to specify some output options like color depth, frame rate, background color, etc. However, in the free version, the software will set the maximum size to 200×200. Once SWF has been converted to GIF, you can save it by choosing Save Link as right-click menu option.

It’s pretty simple to convert SWF file to GIF using Free SWF to GIF Converter. The software has a very simple interface to handle the conversion process. Import the SWF file that you want to convert. After that, specify the parameters like color depth, frame rate, background color etc. Next, hit the Convert button and wait for the process to complete. After the conversion process completes, the GIF file will open in the default browser. You can then save it to any folder you like. To save the GIF from the browser, right-click on it and choose Save image as option.

Final Words

These are some very good SWF to GIF converter that I have found so far. These software can easily convert SWF files to GIF.

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