Generate Excel Formula from Text using GPT-3 for Free: ExcelFormulator

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ExcelFormulator is a free online tool to generate Excel formula from a problem statement. It uses GPT-3 to do the heavy lifting and all you need is a free account on its website. This is a very simple and straightforward 100% free tool that you can use to generate simple as well complex formulas. And not just Excel, but you can also use this tool to generate formulas for Gogola Sheets and Airtable as well.

Most often when you have to create a custom formula for Excel, then you have to ask in Stack Overflow and subreddits. The people there can help you but the problem is that it takes time. If you submit a problem today and then there is a good chance that you will get the answers either next day or the day after tomorrow.

ExcelFormualtor is meant to remove that barrier. It utilizes the capabilities of the latest AI in the industry to help you generate accurate formulas that require no to minimum tweaking. The advantage of AI is that you don’t have to wait for long. It just a few seconds, it will, generate the formula for you at absolutely no cost.

Generate Excel Formula from Text using GPT-3 for Free ExcelFormulator

How to Generate Excel Formula from Text using GPT-3 for Free?

As I mentioned above, you need a free account, so go its main website and then create one. After that, you can simply start using it. The main interface of the tool looks like this.

ExcelFormualtor In Action

Now, you enter some problem here. Just specify for what scenario, you need a formula for.

ExcelFormualtor Enter Formula Prompt

Click Generate and then wait for a few seconds. It will instantly show you the formula that you can copy to the clipboard.

ExcelFormualtor Formula Generated

The generated Excel formula with work as intended. You can see it working in the screenshot below.

ExcelFormualtor Generated Formula

Similarly, you can use this simple and powerful tool to generate other formulas for your worksheets. All you have to give it a prompt and then it will generate the formula that you can use without any modification. I have used it here for Excel but you can use it in the same way for Google Sheets and Airtable.


AI have come a long way. From article generation, code generation, image generation, and now it can do astonishing things like generating formulas for spreadsheets. Generaytign a formula for Excel spreadsheet using AI sounds a little gimmicky until I used ExcelFormualtor. It works and I had my jaw dropped after seeing the accurate output it produced with the VLOOKUP function.

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