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Poladroid is a free image editor that can convert digital photos to Polaroid. Simply drag and drop your photo into the processing tray and wait while your photo is converted to Polaroid style photo. The result will appear in an original Polaroid-like frame and will start developing slowly, right in front of your eyes as the free photo editing software lets you create Polaroid images.

Much like an original Polaroid, the result of a Poladroid processed image will be instantaneous and unique, as the photo to polaroid converter uses various visual effects on your photo, such as color shift and vignetting, so that it produces an unexpected version of your photo every time you use it. This practically means that, even if you process the same photo twice using the free image editor, it will look completely different when you create Polaroid images!

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Your new photos created in Poladroid will automatically be stored on your computer (sadly, in a standard format, without the frame!) in the “My Photos” folder, and they are available for printing too.

The layout of this free photo tweaking application is fun, resembling a real Polaroid camera, and its use extremely easy to convert digital photos to Polaroid. Once you have downloaded this free photo to polaroid software, you can immediately start using Poladroid with no further configuration needed. However, you can edit your preferences by clicking on the blue circle on top of the “camera” in Poladroid.


In order to process a photo with this free polaroid image maker, simply select it and drag it on the tray. You will have to wait for a few seconds, and then your image will appear on a separate frame. The image will at first look dark brown, but will slowly change into natural Polaroid colors as the free photo tweaking application works its magic.

If you wish to speed up this process to create Polaroid images using Poladroid, you can simply grab the image with your pointer and move it from side to side, much like you would shake an instant photo for the ink to dry faster! You will be notified by this polaroid creator when the image has finished developing by a sound signal and a red indication on the picture frame when you convert digital photos to Polaroid.

Poladroid only allows you to process 10 photos per session, like a regular Polaroid cartridge would, so if you want to do more, you’ll simply have to close the free polaroid application and re-open it. If this doesn’t work, you can try uninstalling the free image editor and re-installing it. You can post any problems or questions you have on the Polablog, or ask for help on the Poladroid forum.

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