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RadioTime is a free internet radio that allows user to listen and save radio broadcasting numbers. The application is just like any other Internet radio service but with some very easy to understand features and functionalities. The main reason for using this application is to access Internet radio service for local radio stations.

You can enjoy listen to the radio using this freeware. You also need not download the application on your desktop. Just click on the listen tab and carry on listening to web broadcasted local radio stations. You can also read Free Software to record Internet Radio.

The application offers free listening to the radio songs and offers the ability to readily locate and provide radio or music stations that may be local to your region. The program guide is there to let you search and presets stations.  The application is for listening to radio stations that are local into your region and web broadcasted. Many of the stations that can be heard in your car stereos can be experienced in RadioTime. Read Spreaker to create and broadcast your own show on the radio for free.

When you visit the site, you will notice many featured music numbers and radio stations listed in the page. The song or station of your choice can be selected by you and click listen tab. You can enjoy the music with RadioTime, as the application is simple to handle and also enjoy the music hassle free on your desktop. When you click the listen tab, a pop up window will open and you can see the radio player playing song along with the song detail and the name of the station in the player.

Most of all, when you listen to music on RadioTime, you can browse Internet side by side. Minimize the pop up window in the task bar and continue whatever you were doing. The application is so easy and so simple, that you do not need to download anything and nor any sign up is required. Moreover, you will find your local stations on the web site. The application is advanced, and provides all the functionalities not provided by any other application in the genre. You can also read Free Software to watch TV online.

RadioTime’s database is updated from automatic feeds, content management staff, and user contributions. Also, you can listen and save songs live on the radio. The application saves the music pieces in MP3 format, and you can enjoy them always. Save the songs on your PC or any other removable media. It also includes a complete radio guide of 50,000 stations with the ability to rate and save your favorites.

RadioTime is free to use and you can listen to any radio station anytime.

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