Firefox Add On To Enhance All tabs Menu: All Tabs Helper

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All Tabs helper is a Firefox Add On which will enhance your menu bar. It will enhance your browsing experience to an extent. It will allow you to close tabs, load tabs, unload tabs. You can move multiple single or multiple tabs by drag and drop . Other than that you can find out if a particular word has been used in the page while browsing.

You just need to go to the menu and write it in the search bar. It will show you how many times the word has been used in the page. It is a great add on for those users who have high number of tabs open.

See the screenshot to get an idea about the add on interface:


You will be able to see this drop down menu in the right hand side of your Firefox toolbar.

How To Utilize This Firefox Add On:

All tabs Helper can be used for quite a few purposes. In the screenshot you can see four bars in the all tabs menu.

Firstly the All tabs bar will show all the tabs that you have opened in your Firefox browser. You can navigate your tabs using the add on. Also you can move the tabs according to your choice. It will work wonder for those who open multiple tabs as they can close it directly from the all tabs menu because there is a risk that you close a tab you didn’t want to.

Second, there is the recent bar which will show your recently opened tabs. You can prioritize your tabs through this add on.

Third, there is the Dups bar which is the duplicate bar. You will be able to see if there are more than one tab open with the same URL.

The most useful function of this add on is the search bar wherein you can see if a particular word has been used in that page and also the sentences with the word highlighted.

Have a look at the screenshot to understand how it works:


As you can see searching for the word showed the list of lines where the word has been used.

Key Features Of All Tabs Helper:

  • You can close tabs by going to the all tabs bar.
  • You can move the tabs by drag and drop.
  • You can load or unload the tabs.
  • Just typing a word would show all the sentences with that word highlighted.
  • You can undo the last closed tab operation. Useful when you have multiple tabs open, you often tend to make mistakes.

Installing this add on is a two step process. Search for this Add on in Mozilla Add Ons page or go the the link at the end of this article to add this wonderful Add on in your Firefox. Once you add it, go to Toolbar option in VIEW bar and check on the menu bar option. That will show the menu bar. Thus you will be able to see the drop down option in the right hand side of your Firefox browser. Enjoy using this add on!

Wrapping Up:

All tabs Helper is an awesome add on. I use this add on now as it really helps me managing my tabs. It is specially designed for users who have multiple tabs open. It will definitely enhance your browsing experience in Firefox. I also liked the search option as it helps to find for the word in the page. Add it in your Firefox today and enjoy using it!

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