Nitro Chrome App to Schedule Tasks, Sync them with Dropbox, Ubuntu One

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Nitro is a free task management app for Chrome which can be used to schedule tasks. You can use this tasks management app to schedule tasks offline which can be synced online on Dropbox or Ubuntu One for viewing or editing later. In this app, you can also assign a date for the task. It will remind you when the task has to be done and how many days have been left for the task you have assigned for yourself. Due to syncing option you can check the scheduled task anytime, anyplace, and from any PC.

To start with this app you need no login (as in notepad). Just start adding new tasks directly or if you want to assign the task for a future date you can also do it here. If you want to delete the task, you can delete it any time.

Nitro- Sync to Ubuntu One or Dropbox - task management

This Web App is totally Free and Open Source. If you want to contribute to the source code or want to get the source code to make your own app get it from here.

Starting With Nitro:

To start with Nitro all you need is to get this app on your PC or on Chrome Browser, through Chrome App Store. After getting this tasks manager app on your browser you just need to:

  • Click “Add” button on the top to add tasks.
  • “New Task” window will open.
  • Give heading to the task you want to schedule.
  • Assign tags to the task.
  • You can also assign priority to the task (low, medium, high).
  • Different colors have been assigned to different priorities. For Example, blue color is for low priority.Nitro-Add tasks- Task Management
  • Assign a date to the task (it will show how many days are left for the task).
  • Add note related to that task.
  • Click anywhere outside the “new task” window and the task will be saved.
  • To sync the task on DropBox or Ubuntu One; click on refresh button on the right top of this web app page.
  • From here you can sync your tasks onto anyone of the online drive.
  • If you dont have account on any one then you can also create on anyone of the drive.
  • You can also delete that task later on when ever you want.
  • The tasks you have assigned for future can be seen later in log book.

Now you are done with adding tasks into Nitro. Just keep adding tasks and there is no limit to add tasks all depends on your online storage space.

Features Of Nitro Tasks Management App:

  • Add tasks whether you are online or offline.
  • You can delete whenever you want.
  • You can set the priority to the scheduled task which is shown as a color tag in front of the task.
  • You can schedule the task for any future date.
  • “Logbook feature” shows all the tasks you have scheduled for future.
  • Add list and under that list you can add many tasks.

Nitro-Add to list- task managent

  • You can also apply theme.
  • Syncing option with Dropbox or Ubuntu One.
  • To see any task later on you just need to double-click on that task.
  • Sorting can also be done in Nitro, according to date, tittle, by priority etc.

The final Note:

Task management is very easy to use. Every time you get online, the task you scheduled on Nitro, will be stored on the cloud storage app you have used to sync your data. You can also change the cloud storage setting for auto syncing or manual syncing. Your time is not wasted in logging in again and again on the app just choose the cloud storage app you have assigned to sync your data with.

And the best thing is that you can also add task offline whenever you are online the tasks will get stored on the cloud app.

To check this “Online Smart Task Management” tool integrated with Chrome, click here.

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Works With: Google Chrome
Free/Paid: Free

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