Freeware To Create Multiple Clipboard, Use Each Clipboard Separately

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Advanced Clipboard is a freeware for Windows that lets you create multiple clipboard and you can work with each clipboard separately. You can create at most 15 clipboard and each clipboard will let you cut, copy, and paste item stored in it individually. You can copy paste anything you want as it is not restricted with only text copying. You can store any web link, text file, audio, video, shortcuts with clipboards. Hence it comes as a good Windows clipboard replacement software.

Advanced Clipboard also provides preview window to view stored contents. More in this Advanced Clipboard, it provides shortcut menu items that shows all clipboards contents. You can use hotkeys to use cut, copy, and paste shortcut menu items and can even customize these hotkeys. It’s an easy to use software and enhanced clipboard in comparison to default clipboard. It will run on system tray of your computer and lets you access clipboards by clicking on its tray icon.

Advanced Clipboard- create multiple clipboard

You can also access clipboards and view stored contents by right-clicking on taskbar. But here is a shortcoming also, as you won’t be able to use taskbar manager of Windows by right-clicking on taskbar. Instead of that, it will show clipboards and contents. As you could see in the above screenshot, each item copied by you will be stored to clipboards and you can click on any clipboard to cut, copy, or paste stored content.

Advanced Clipboard- cut, copy, and paste stored content

Select any option and perform action accordingly.

This way you can work with this software. Other than this, if you want to increase/decrease total number of additional clipboards, want to adjust the size of preview window, and need to assign hotkeys to cut, copy, paste shortcut menu item, then access Options for this. Click on Options available on below part on clipboards and Options window will open up.

Advanced Clipboard- Options

Some Key Features of This Advanced Clipboard are as Follows:

  • It’s a handy software that lets you create multiple clipboards.
  • You can work with each clipboard separately.
  • You can assign hotkey for cut, copy, or paste shortcut menu item. It will be helpful to quickly access shortcut menu item. For example, if you want to copy a content from clipboards, then use assigned copy hotkey and shortcut menu will open up just like the below screenshot:

Advanced Clipboard- shortcut menu item

  • Provides preview window for stored contents.
  • It is quite lightweight software and is less than 2 mb.
  • It’s a freeware. Hence anyone can use it absolutely free.

Download & Install Advanced Clipboard To Create Multiple Clipboard:

You can use the download link present below in this article. Advanced Clipboard is a product of Chameleon apps and you will find other products also such as Chameleon Shutdown on download page. At the middle part on download page, you will find Advanced Clipboard.

Installation part of this software is quite simple but it is ad-supported. So it provides a software (RelevantKnowledge) to install with it. If you want, you can install it or can simply ignore it by declining its set up in installation process. After this, you can complete the installation process and can use it from desktop shortcut.


Advanced Clipboard is a handy software and lets you extend the clipboard functionality. You can use 1 to 15 clipboards at a single time and can work with each clipboard individually. But as this Advanced Clipboard is limited to only 15 clipboards, it will be a barrier for those users that need to copy paste a large number of data. For that, you can use ClipJump, YC3, and MemoClip. And to get Advanced Clipboard for free, click here!

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