Free Software To Learn About Electricity Generation And Magnetism

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Generator is free Java based software to learn about Electricity generation and Magnetism. Generator lets you learn the basics of Electricity generation and Magnetism under the action of magnetic field, created my a moving magnet. Generator offers various simulations which can be used to easily understand the working of Generator, Transformer, and many more devices.

Only few of us know how Electricity is generated. Well, Electricity is really simple once you know the concepts. For that, Generator Software offers Generator option in which you can see how the change of Magnetic field produces the Electric field. I have posted a simulation for the Electricity generation below from the Generator option.

Working With Generator Software To Study Electricity Generation And Magnetism:

It is very easy to use Generator software. After you launch Generator software you see the user interface. The simulation I posted above explains the generation of Electricity. Well before you start exploring more about Electricity and Magnetism in real life, I would like to tell you that Generator software offers lot more options. In Generator Software you can test the simulation of the following devices:

  • Transformer: To know the working of the Transformers, you can see this simulation. In this simulation you can drag the current carrying coil across coil, to and fro through another coil and see how the bulb is lit. What I really like is, that you can move the coil in any direction and the compasses will let you know about the distribution of magnetic field.
  • Electromagnet: Well how would you check the field around an Electromagnet made up of a wire and a battery? You can get your answer in this option. You can see how the battery orientation and voltage affects the field around the coil. The space is well covered with tiny compasses so you wont have any trouble in seeing how the field changes  when you move the Electromagnet around the space.
  • Pickup Coil: The simplest way to learn about Electricity generation is using magnet, wire, and bulb. Move a magnet around the field and see how the bulb is lit from the action of change in magnetic field around it because of the moving magnet. It is different from the Electromagnet that is, you have the permanent magnet here and not an Electromagnet magnet.
  • Bar Magnet: If you want to simply see the field around a magnet just use the option.

I am sure you must be eager to make your own small generator. For that, you can check out the video below:

I would like to advise you that, you should be careful when working with Electricity and always have an adult with you while you do experiments in Electricity.

Features of Generator:

  • Very simple to use.
  • Tiny compasses spread all over the space to show direction of magnetic field.
  • Field meter: It’s a great tool which can be used to see how the filed varies with speed of the moving magnet.
  • Option to control the strength of magnet and speed of tap.
  • Option to select between DC (Direct Current) and AC (Alternating Current) sources.
  • View and hide electrons.
  • View the action on Bulb or a Voltage meter.

That was about learning about Electricity generation and Magnetism. You might also want to try out Energy Park State. It’s  free software to learn about basic concepts of Conservation of Mechanical Energy.


Generator Software is an awesome software for learning basics of Electricity generation and Magnetism. If you really want to learn about the Electricity Generation and Magnetism, I would strongly suggest you to try out Generator Software, as it is really simple to use and very easy to understand.

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