File Shredder Software To Securely and Permanently Delete Data

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Disk Pulverizer is a handy file shredder software that helps to securely and permanently delete data. Any file or folder that you don’t want to use, but have to delete securely to prevent any misuse, can be deleted with this software. It provides 13 different military grade deletion algorithms that you can choose to delete files permanently.

Even more, it lets you wipe allocated free space of items that you want to delete. It is very handy to completely erase all the traces of original items. Thus, deleted data cannot be recovered, even with data recovery tools.

Disk Pulverizer- free file shredder software

You can add multiple files/folders on its interface (as visible in above screenshot) and can delete them together.

Note: Disk Pulverizer is completely free for non-commercial use. It first provides 30 use(s) as trial, then you have to register your product by providing your email address, username, and full name. After this, you can use it absolutely free.

register the product

How To Use This Free File Shredder Software?

Disk Pulverizer’s set up file is 2.18 MB in size. Download and install this free file shredder on your PC and open its interface. Its download link is available at the end of this review.

On its interface, you can either double-click on the required area or can use drag n drop support feature to add files, that you want to delete permanently. As soon as files are added, you can tap on Shred File(s) button, and files will be deleted with default deletion algorithm.

Disk Pulverizer- interface

To make deletion process more secure, you can enable Wipe Allocated Free Space option, and can even set some deletion settings.

Using Deletion Settings, you can choose any available deletion algorithm. Supported deletion algorithms are: Simple Overwrite (1 Pass), US Army AR380-19, British HMG IS5, Russian GOST P50739-95, British HMG IS5 (Enhanced), US Air Force 5020, Bruce Schneier, US-DOD 5220.22-M, German VSITR, Canadian RCMP TSSIT OPS-II, Gutmann Algorithm Lite (10 Pass), US-DOD 5220.22-M (E,C y E), and Gutmann Algorithm (35 Pass).

select deletion algorithm and start deletion process

For each deletion method, it supports number of repetitions as well. Thus, data will be deleted multiple times to make it unreadable. Adjust deletion settings and click on OK button. Now you can start deletion process and your data will be deleted permanently, once data deletion process is completed.

Similar Software to delete data permanently: TweakNow Secure Delete, Disk Scrubber, Catalano Secure Delete, and Secure Wipe.

Features Present In This Data Deletion Software:

  • Very easy to use and handy data deletion software that shreds files as well as support number of repetitions for data deletion.
  • Wipe allocated free space feature is also available.
  • Drag n drop support using which you can quickly add files/folders on its interface for deletion.
  • Total 13 deletion algorithms are available.


Disk Pulverizer comes in handy whenever you want to erase files permanently as well as securely. Multiple military grade deletion algorithms available in this software eases data deletion task.

Get Disk Pulverizer free.

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