Desktop Locker That Password Protects Your Desktop: Desktop VLocker

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Desktop Vlocker is an absolutely free, simple to use, desktop locker through which you can lock your desktop and prevent it from any trespassing. You just have to download it, set a password, and click on the lock desktop option whenever you want to. The password can be changed anytime and a background image can also be added, that will appear on the desktop when it is locked. The software is very straightforward and comes with a very attractive interface.

The basic purpose to use a desktop locker is to protect your machine from being used by anyone in your absence. Anyone who tries to access your system will have to type in the password. Such kind of software are very useful and help in maintaining your privacy.

Desktop VLocker-desktop locker-interface

We have also compiled a list of free screen locking software for you to have a look at. Let us see how this desktop locker functions in comparison to them and what features does it possess.

How To Use This Desktop Locker?

This desktop locker is a portable software. You do not have to install it on your system after downloading. You can simply start using it.

As you start using this desktop locker, it first requires you to select and enter a password. You have to enter a password even to access this software. After you enter the password and log in, you are taken to the main interface of the software (shown in the above screenshot). There are two important buttons on the main interface: Settings and Lock Desktop. The lock desktop button simply locks your desktop there and then. It is the settings window that contains all the features and functions of this software.

Desktop VLocker-desktop locker-lock desktop

The settings window allows you to perform actions like change password, run the software automatically when the Windows starts. Both these features are very common and self-explanatory. It the third function of this desktop locker that impressed me the most. The software allows you to set a background image and decide the opacity level. You can select any image present in our system and set it as your background image. That image will appear on the desktop when your desktop is locked. Furthermore, you can also set the opacity level of the background image. To put it in simple words, you can select the transparency level of your background image. The more transparent your background image is, the more of your desktop will reflect in the background. This makes for a very beautiful view.

Desktop VLocker-desktop locker-settings window

Key Features Of Desktop VLocker

  • Good looking interface
  • Portable software
  • Efficient
  • Option to change password
  • Lock desktop with one button
  • Option to run the software when windows starts
  • Option to set a background image
  • Option to set transparency level

Final Verdict

It is a very straightforward and efficient software and contains all the expected features. The option to set transparency levels for your background image really stands out. Undoubtedly, it is worth giving a try.

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