5 Free Online Fitness Tracker Websites

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Here is a list of 5 free online fitness tracker websites. These websites let you keep a track of your fitness routine, exercises, daily diet, and all other things related to maintaining a good health. These websites also suggest you diets and exercises depending upon your fitness goal. You can track your progress easily via different colorful and interactive graphs and diagrams. Most of these websites also have smartphone apps, which mean you can remain in touch with everything, even on the move.

So let’s get started with them and check it out what each of them has to offer.

1. MyFitnessPal:


MyFitnessPal is the first online fitness tracker website in this list. Before you can start tracking your fitness, you have to fill in a few details like your height, weight, fitness goal, number of workouts you want to do per week, workout duration, etc. On the basis of this, MyFitnessPal suggests you fitness and nutrition goals. Then, you have to add all the exercises you will do and the food you will eat. As you enter the data, the website will show your progress along with your goal.

Apart from this, there are specific sections on the website for Food, Exercise, Reports, Goals, etc. The website also lets you add your friends who also have MyFitnessPal account. You and your friends can then motivate and support each other.

2. ShapeLink:


ShapeLink is more of like a fitness journal. It lets you add exercises completed, and food you had for each day. All the data entered by you is shown to you in the form of journal/calendar, with total number of workouts, total time spent, and average time spent shown at the top. Similarly, you can use the website to keep track of your routine, tracks, equipment, etc. ShapeLink is also a community which lets you check and take challenges given by others and you can also add your challenges for others to complete. There is also a forum where you can discuss health and fitness related issues, questions, and doubts with others.

3. Fitday:


Fitday is the third online fitness tracker website in the list. You get started by providing your details and choosing the activity level. You can choose from following activity levels: Very low activity, Seated all day, Mostly Seated/some movement, Standing work, Strenuous work/highly active. After providing these details, you will see the dashboard, which will provide you with an overview of your complete fitness progress. Apart from entering common entries, the website also lets you enter your mood type for the day.

You can even opt for calendar view to track your fitness progress. The other features of this website include a forum and articles to know more about health and fitness.

4. SparkPeople:


SparkPeople is the second last website in the list to track your fitness. Once you have registered with them, fill in the details and set your fitness goal. If you don’t know what goal to set, then leave the field blank and SparkPeople will suggest you a suitable goal. You can then easily track fitness, food, and weight. There is also a specific section called Tracker which includes various options for making tracking easier. Apart from this, you can browse articles and videos related to fitness and health.

5. Fitocracy:


Fitocracy is the final online fitness tracker in the list. The website has a very neat and clean user interface, which makes it a pleasing experience to use it. You can easily add workout and exercise details by simple drag and drop. Depending upon your exercise, Fitocracy rewards you with points which help you in completing levels and unlocking achievements. Apart from this, there are also quests, titles, challenges, and duels for you to compete and complete.

These are the 5 free online fitness tracker websites for you. Check them out to track your fitness and health in a better way and reach your goals easily.

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