How to Get Twitter Feed of Anyone as Email Newsletter

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In this post, you will read about how to get Twitter feed of anyone as email newsletter. Tinyfollow is a free website which lets you get the Twitter feed of a specific person on a specific time in your email. Thereafter, you will keep getting tweets of the specific person in your email. It also lets you stay connected smartly with live notifications. Means, once your subscribed profile comes live on Twitter, Tinyfollow notifies you via email to see them live. This is a good way to connect with people and get the latest or older updates of selected profiles. You can also subscribe to multiple profiles at a time and customize them as the way you want. All the details will reach you through emails.

We all know, Twitter is very popular among celebrities. They post and share their life by posting pictures or sharing some tweets. This lets you stay updated on your favorite celebrities and their activities. Tinyfollow is designed as a mini follow box where you can search the profile of anyone available on Twitter and subscribe to stay updated with favorite people. This is an interesting feature about the site where you will get only notifications of the profile that you want to see.

Tinyfollow emails

How to get twitter feed of anyone as email newsletter?

To use Tinyfollow, you need to login first using your Twitter ID. In case you start by searching and subscribing a profile you will be asked to sign up/ log in before that. Once you log in, you can search people available on Twitter in the search bar.

Tinyfollow interface

You can choose to get a scheduled newsletter with all the tweets or live notification email option. In scheduled newsletter you will get all the tweets of the person you choose via email at a specific time. While in live notifications, you will receive an email when the subscribed person comes online. You can set the frequency of the email newsletter by choosing among every day, weekly or monthly. Then choose a specific time when you want to get this email. Also, Sort tweets from newest to oldest or oldest to newest.

Tinyfollow schedule

In the above image, I scheduled the profile of Elon Musk and it sent me a report on email at 8:00 am (as I customized), which had all the tweets posted by this person. Although if your Gmail account is linked with Twitter, it sends you an email when one of the people you follow tweets. The benefit of Tinyfollow is that you can subscribe and get tweets from a specific person at a specific time. You can also read this article to know how to save Twitter conversation thread as PDF.

In brief

Tinyfollow is helpful to stay connected with our favorite profiles. As Twitter timeline is full of tweets, and you might overlook the tweets from your favorite profiles. But with Tinyfollow you can read all the tweets posted by the person we subscribe in your email. Now keep your eye on all the activities shared by your favorite profiles and get Twitter feed of anyone as email newsletter every day or weekly.

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