Split PDF by Bookmarks Online with These Free Websites

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This article covers two free websites to split PDF by bookmarks. Let’s say your PDF file has total 20 pages out of which 6 pages are bookmarked. So, a separate PDF of all those bookmarked pages will be created. Instead of opening the PDF file just to access bookmarked pages, you can use them separately. Both the websites covered here support different ways to add PDF. Once the PDF is added, you can see the list of bookmarks and then extract those bookmarked pages.

These websites have a lot of other features or tools that you can try. For example, you can merge PDF files, delete pages from PDF, Fill & Sign PDF, translate PDF, repair PDF, compress PDF files, convert PDF to Excel, split PDF document by size, OCR PDF, and more.

Let’s check these free online options to split PDF by bookmarks.

DeftPDF Website

DeftPDF- split pdf by bookmarks

DeftPDF website brings a very useful split PDF by bookmarks tool. Here is the link. It has three options that catch the attention. PDF can be added from Google Drive account, desktop, or Dropbox. PDF size or limitation is not mentioned. An online PDF can also be added by entering its URL for split process. Also, you can see the list of bookmarks and then select the bookmark level. Bookmark level 1 helps to extract all bookmarked pages as separate PDF files. And Bookmark level 2 lets you extract sub-bookmarks (part of main bookmark) as separate PDF files.

Select a level and process the PDF. Finally, you can download a zip archive to PC that will contain your PDF bookmarks as PDF files. The zip file can also be saved to your Google Drive or Dropbox account. There is no limit to split PDF by bookmarks in a day. Also, your files remain private and stored to the servers of this website for maximum 5 hours.

Sejda.com Website

Sejda split pdf by bookmarks

Sejda.com website also brings a separate split PDF by bookmarks tool. Its link is here. The features are similar but the thing is this website has limitations. You can upload a PDF document with up to 200 pages or 50 MB size. Also, in an hour, three PDFs can be processed. If this limit doesn’t bother you, then the website is simply awesome.

Like DeftPDF, it also supports Dropbox, desktop, online PDF URL, and Google Drive to add PDF. In addition to that, it supports OneDrive also, which is an advantage of this website. When the PDF is added, the list of bookmarks can be seen on the left side. Also, you can select bookmark level, which is again similar to above mentioned size. When bookmarks are extracted as separate PDF files, a zip archive is created that can be saved to supported cloud storage services or desktop.

It also keeps your PDF for 5 hours and then the file is deleted.

The Conclusion:

There are tons of PDF splitters already available. You can use online tool, some app, or software to split PDF file. But, a few options are available for splitting PDF file by bookmarks. These two are one of those options (as online options) that you can try. Among these two, the first website is handy because per day limitation to split PDF files is not there.

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